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Channeling the soul and cheek of two of jazz’s greats

I highly recommend you fit into your Fringe schedule a show that’ll help slow down from the hectic pace, something like Ella & Louis! at the Ellington Jazz Club; if you’re into the jazz genre, of course. And if only the production had a longer season.

Beautiful, elegant and charming are the words that best describe the talented trio of Adam Hall, Simone Craddock and Adrian Galante who present songs from the greatest jazz pairing of all time, Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong.

Having enjoyed Hall’s previous jazz shows, accompanied by prodigious Galante as feature pianist, I knew I’d enjoy hearing both these guys as part of a trio.

Added to the mix is Londoner Simone Craddock in the guise of Ella Fitzgerald, delivering ever-so bittersweetly Ella’s greatest songs. Together with Adam, who croons like Louis Armstrong while playing trumpet at next level, the trio are sublime, with all the charm of yesteryear New Orleans-style jazz.

Adrian tinkling the keys is such a joy, too, perfectly complementing Adam and Simone’s idyllic repertoire.

The magic happens when all three transcend time as Adam and Simone scat and sing with cheek and adoration to their jazz inspirations, while Adrian fires up the piano in perfect tempo, ending with a trumpet solo from Adam, and thrilling the audience with hoops and applause.

Set suitably in the sultry and intimate cabaret lounge of the Ellington Jazz Club, you really do feel catapulted back in time, being romanced and enchanted.

All three of these artists are award winners for a reason.

Together they deliver pure joy; truly warm and soulful stuff.

Annette McCubbin

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