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Comical magic that’s far from strait-laced

Bonding Tango-and-Cash-style, comedians-turned-magicians Jon Madd and Paul James present a super-suave Fringe show in Straight and Laced.

The pair set one other up for silly Covid-inspired sight gags and inquisitive mentalist tricks, with continued audience participation to keep the dynamics busy.

Call it a comedy disguised as a magic show, or a magic show disguised as comedy, but if you’re a fan of either or both, Straight and Laced is definitely for you!

Madd and James traverse the entire magic spectrum, keeping things loose by cracking an endless jaunt of jokes. But don’t be fooled by their bumbling comic appearances as these two pretend to be making it up. They are in fact masters in their craft.

A certain humility and genuine lack of pretence makes Straight and Laced appealing to all ages. Bring the kids as a terrific introduction to comedy magic, or bring the local hoard to forcefully surrender friends as volunteers, producing fits of laughter, and making for great feel good entertainment.

Annette McCubbin

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