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Joe Biden pictured on the cover of ‘Time’ surrounded by Donald Trump’s leftover mess

The new issue of Time magazine is released today and it features an illustration of US President Joe Biden in an Oval Office that has been absolutely trashed.

The illustration was created by longtime Time contributor Tim O’Brien, and features stacks of neglected files, paperwork all over the floor, a discarded MAGA hat and megaphone on the floor, and – our favourite funny bit – half-eaten French fries and tomato sauce spilt over the edge of the Resolute desk.

Then there’s President Biden is in the background, deep in thought as he stares out a window at what appear to be out-of-control flames.

The coverline is fairly minimal itself, simply reading, ‘Day One’.

Joe Biden is the 46th President of the United States, and follows Donald Trump who has been deemed the most irresponsible, reprehensible president in all of US history.


Biden now has the burden of cleaning up a country whose people are divided, where racist murders have lead to peaceful protests that have then turned into riots. Where over 400,000 individuals have died from Covid-19 and virtually no plan for vaccine rollout had been put together by the previous administration. Where a film system that once helped the masses escape has all but been drawn to a halt. And where climate change continues to cause rampant fire and flood across the land.

“Biden now leads a country divided between Americans who believe in facts and Americans who distrust them,” writes journalist Charlotte Alter. “Between those who want a multiracial Republic and those who seek to invalidate nonwhite votes, between those with faith in democratic institutions and those who put faith only in Trump.”

The new issue of Time is on international newsstands today and the full essay by Alter available to view here.

Antonino Tati


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