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Q&A with one of hypnotist Matt Hale’s super-eager participants

Comedic hypnotist Matt Hale is a trusty fixture on the Fringe World stage, presenting his modern take on the art and science of hypnosis, which inevitably includes audience participation and always ends in raucous applause.

Cream interviews participant Mango Adonis who recently fell under that magical Hale spell in his current Fringe World show, Bonkers. And indeed, bonkers she went!

Interview by Antonino Tati


This having been your first time going under hypnosis – and doing so in public – how nervous or hesitant were you?

I was aware of Matt Hale as I’ve seen one of his previous shows. When I last went, one of my friends Ben volunteered to go on stage, and I felt a smidgen of jealousy. So I decided I’d do it this time; no hesitation! [Laughs]. Actually, I was a little nervous at first, but I just let it have control over me!


Were you scared a secret or two of yours may have been leaked?

No, I wasn’t scared at all. I was more worried that I might show more than they should see! [See the video below to see what Mango did show!]. I had a bit of awareness of what is going on and I resisted at first, but I immediately relaxed and just let everything happen.


Subject of hypnosis: Mango Adonis, third from the right, is about to have the tranciest night of her life…


A couple of people initially wanting to go under hypnosis were asked to leave the stage by Matt. What was your trick to relaxing and not resisting?

There’s no real trick to relaxing. Just a couple of deep breaths and focusing on his voice. I was not aware of who had left the stage. I just thought they disappeared into the ether, lol.


Do you remember things you did, such as pretending you were a DJ, riding on a rollercoaster, and being the motivator to make the audience clap more and more?

I just remembered imagining being a DJ – and thinking of funny movie references in my head. I have some memories of it, but I only remember things like motivating the audience. It was a fun time.


Under hypnosis and ready to lead the crowd…


Matt Hale usually shares the limelight evenly across the stage, giving attention to each of his participants. But in this particular show, I believe he gave you more of the limelight: for about a quarter of the show! Were you aware that the attention kept coming back to you?

I wasn’t aware of that! This is why I need to watch the video [she can now, lol]. I just knew I had a lot of fun on stage, ready for anything goes.


Ready to ride a rollercoaster…


What about ‘switching yourself off’. Each time Matt asked you to, you would press your index finger to the middle of your head and knock yourself out, quite literally. Do you wish you could do that in everyday life?

Absolutely. I always wish there was a mute button for me some times.


Was there a sense of release or relief after your recent hypnotic session, and how was that particular night’s sleep for you?

I felt relieved afterwards, for sure, and let me tell you, it was a nice night’s sleep.


Matt Hale’s ‘Bonkers’ continues at Fringe World across – wait for it – five venues! These include Perth Girls’ School, Cirque du Cockburn, Rendezvous Scarborough, Metro City and the Redmond Theatre, Joondalup. Select your venue and time at www.fringeworld.com.au.

Matt Hale is also presenting ‘The Clubnosis Experience’, playing progressive and classic tunes in a club environment while guiding the crowds’ thoughts in a 60-minute, carefully crafted DJ set. It’s on at Metro City for four shows only on January 29 and 30, and February 5 and 6. Tickets available at www.fringeworld.com.au.

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