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Kohesia Ensemble perform cohesive jazz sets with traditional Persian flavours

Kohesia Ensemble is a local outfit presented by award-winning double bassist Kate Pass. Featuring an eight-piece band that interweaves the sounds of classical Persian music with jazz, this curious combination is a must-listen for those seeking a more adventurous jazz experience.

Transfixed by the ethereal sounds of the Persian instruments, particularly the ney and daf played by Esfandiar, the audience enjoyed masterful compositions written by various members of the group – Reza Mirzaei, Pass and Shahmir.

Among the many wonderful solos, of note is that of drummer Daniel Susnjar where, during a piece written by Esfandiar, he manages to evoke the sounds of the tombak (a Persian goblet drum) to the delight of listeners.

The entire experience is elevated even more by the intimate setting at the Ellington Jazz Club which provides the perfect environment to become engrossed and transported on a transcultural journey.

If that isn’t enticing enough, their show Shahnameh: Songs of the Persian Book of Kings won the 2020 Martin Sims Award at Fringe World for the “best new WA work that is destined to succeed on the world’s stage”.

To catch them on stage, Kohesia are back with a quartet show at The Ellington Jazz Club on February 2, 3, and 4. That particular quartet will feature Persian sounds from the oud, ney, daf and saz, and is accompanied by Pass on the double bass.

Sarah Nader


‘Kohesia Ensemble’ was part of Fringe World 2021. While the season has ended, you can catch Esfandiar Shamir and Keira Gunn playing Iranian Folk Music at Lyric’s Underground in Mayland on January 29 and 30, or see the Kohesia Quartet at the Ellington Jazz Club from February 2-4. Tickets are available at www.fringeworld.com.au


Members of the Kohesia Ensemble include: Esfandiar Shahmir: Ney and dafii Reza Mirzaei: Saz Mike Zolker: Oud Marc Osborne: Saxophone Ricki Malet: Trumpet Daniel Susnjar: Drums Chris Foster: Piano Kate Pass: Double Bass.

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