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Amos Gill: comic champion of the people

Aussie comedy gold is what we are crowning stand-up comic Amos Gill. He’s the people’s comedian, as the title of his latest show suggests, The Sheeples Champion. Semi-insulting pun aside, Gill’s humour is indeed tailored in praise of the everyday Aussie battler.

Amos has a talent for combining relatable content and being ridiculously funny while staying authentic to his true, charming, down-to-earth self. 

The audience laps up his witty observational humour, aptly fueled by Covid-19 themes. 

‘The people’ aside, Gill sprays his vitriol to just about everyone whose made headlines this past year: think Trump, China, Capitalists, Bogans, Baby Boomers…

Openly never taking sides, the comedian instead chooses and swings opinion to suit himself while cleverly challenging popular opinion. Then, just when you think it is safe to be a ‘sheep’ and agree with him, his joke is turned around to make you think again.

A bit like the Eminem of comedy, Amos Gill says what the rest of us are thinking and it’s refreshing to see someone stand up and be so frank.

Having caught this artist twice on this year’s Fringe circuit, I couldn’t get enough of his laughs, as with the audience – much of which are also fans returning for more, along with a slew a growing new followers.

The Sheeples Champion is simply hilarious: feelgood comedy that leaves you aching for more.

Annette McCubbin


‘Amos Gill: The Sheeples Champion’ is part of Fringe World 2021 and returns to the Brass Monkey Theatre and Red Room on February 5 (pending lockdown restrictions are lifted). Tickets are available through.www.fringeworld.com.au.

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