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High brand releases an Apple Watch rip-off that looks like it doesn’t even work…

The word ‘horology’ looks pretty strange, doesn’t it? It stems from the same Latin word as ‘L’orologio’ – Italian for ‘wristwatch’. Anyhoo, here’s a little something interesting from the world of designer horology.

Two years ago, wristwatch brand H Moser & Cie released a watch that emulated the original Apple Watch, only with no dial, no hands, nor any other means to tell the time. Still, this pretentious piece of jewellery cost £274,852 (around half a million Australian dollars), and relied purely on sound to let the wearer know what fuck time it was.

Two years on, and H Moser & Cie has released a substantially more affordable version of their watch in competition to the latest Apple Watch 6.

A limited edition run of just 50 pieces has been released – costing £22,563 (around A$41,000) per unit.

The Moser & Cie watch sports the same rectangular shape of Apple’s smartwatch and now boasts a pair of hands to help tell the time, not just notification noises.

The watch also boasts a digitally rendered simulation of cogs and wheels which it says is supposed to evoke “the constant passing of time” but which in actual fact is a closely rendered version of a spinning download wheel, but in analogue form.

While it’s all fun and games, it does make the wearer think their watch isn’t quite working. And at that price, you’ve really got to be an impressionable fool to buy one. At 270,000 pounds, or 22,000-plus.

Antonino Tati

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