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Is the world ready for a Buck Rogers reboot by George Clooney? Short answer: Not really


“Let’s pretend your head doesn’t look like a penis, Twiki, and just think of the cash a Buck Rogers reboot will bring.”

Just in time to save America from the pop cultural abyss it has sunken into, George Clooney has announced he will be reviving all-American hero Buck Rogers in a series reboot.

Rogers, if you’re not caught up with old-school sci-fi, was one of pop culture’s first ever protagonists to venture into space, his travels told through pulp fiction in the late 1920s, comic books and movies in the ’30s, and several (spiffy, we must say) TV shows in the ’80s.

The original Buck Rogers tale is of a war veteran trapped in a coal mine who wakes up 500 years into the future and is forced to battle against gangs in a post-apocalyptic America. A bit like what Joe Biden is now contending with.

Buck Rogers was once credited with injecting space ideals into the pop cultural vernacular, following in the moon-steps of sci-fi greats such as Jules Verne and H. G. Wells.

A symbol of strength and survival, Buck has always been there to pick up the pieces when a broken America needs fixing. The original storybooks arrived as the world was climbing out of post-World War I recession. The films followed all the havoc wreaked by Hitler’s Third Reich. And the first TV series landed just as America was getting a handle on the world’s newest weapon of mass destruction: television. 

Clooney, along with production company Smokehouse Pictures, hasn’t divulged where exactly in time he will be positing his new Buck, but given the world has lived through a mind-warping hell over the past year, 2021 might be a good place to start.

Whether Clooney will be playing the macho man in astro-drag is yet to be revealed.

To keep the Hollywood star in the loop, Flint Dille – the very grandson of original Buck Rogers creator, John F Dille – has been hired to produce the movie.

No doubt Clooney, Smokehouse and Flint will all be making more bucks than grand-daddy ever did. That is, if the rest of the world is ready to buy this polished fantasy of a classic already steeped in hyped-up Americana.

Antonino Tati



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