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What’s that big metal wave jutting out on Cottesloe Beach? Sculpture by the Sea launches today…

Perth’s annual Sculpture by the Sea exhibition returns today for its 17th year, seeing the crystal sands of Cottesloe Beach transform into a fabulous outdoor gallery of sorts.

Presented by Chairman of Tourism Western Australia Nathan Harding, the scholarship provides invaluable support for the advancement of the artist’s career, including the opportunity to travel and study their craft.

W.A. artist Jarrod Taylor was awarded the prestigious $10,000 Western Australian Sculptor Scholarship to kick off the 18-day exhibition.

Looming over the end of the groyne on Cottesloe Beach with a powerful presence, Taylor’s 8m-high sculpture, ‘Structural Wave’, is made of scaffold and weighs approximately six tonnes.

The artwork is meant to represent “humankind’s ever growing reclamation and imposition of itself on the land”.
Taylor said, “Being selected to receive the West Australian Sculptor scholarship is overwhelming and a great honour. This will allow me to develop future works that were only dreams and concepts prior to getting this award.”

Antonino Tati


‘Sculpture by the Sea’ runs until March 22.

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