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Ben Frost’s latest works take their cue from card game ‘Draw Four’ (and drugs, of course)

I’m always excited when a new work is issued from street artist and gallery favourite, Ben Frost. If anyone knows how to turn commercial art into credible aesthetic, it’s this disruptive genius.

Freshly unveiled today were four colour variants of Frost’s new screen print ‘Draw Four’, inspired by the very familiar card game but with a blatant drug reference thrown in for good measure.

Frost’s ‘Draw Four’ series follows on from his ‘Word Games’ works of last year, with each variant revealing a subtle difference in printing and treatment.

As an example, the red-themed print, above, is six layers worth of screen printing, featured on ivory board in 450gsm paper stock (as former publishers, we can tell you that’s thick).

Frost likes to add a touch of difference to each of his prints, this one (above) featuring a silver metallic shimmer on an outer drop shadow.

FYI, each print was stamped, signed and editioned and comes with a certificate of authenticity from the artist and naturally each print was whipped up today quicker than you could say “deconstruct another one, why doncha?”

Heck, just when we were about to purchase the last remaining ‘Draw Four’ – Standard Edition (2021), above, it went and got snapped up. Still, we’re proud of the original Frost work up on the office wall, gifted to us by the artist years ago.

Antonino Tati

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All prints come with a signed, stamped C.O.A. (Certificate of Authenticity)


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