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South Australia takes a cheeky turn in asking travellers to “go down South with your mouth”

No one at South Australian tourism knew it was happening but some cheeky ad agency has devised an ad campaign with a slogan that reads “Go Down South with Your Mouth”. And it’s causing quite a stirring on the internets.

The campaign is in promotion of South Australia as a main tourist destination; one with food and fun to offer locals and visitors alike. Throwing food and wine into the visual mix of the ad was naturally a wise move but, boy, did the creative agency go heavy on the sexual connotations.

To even the most prudent person, the innuendo is obvious. When coming up with the slogan alone, the creators of the ad likely imagined folks would think of cunnilingus and fellatio – as opposed to having us think of, well, food and drink, which is what it’s really trying to push.

South Australia, you see – and Adelaide in particular – is about to enjoy a massive food festival in the form of Tasting Australia. Taking off on April 30 and running until May 9, Tasting Australia aims to entice locals and interstate visitors to culinary hotspots in and around Adelaide and at prime produce and winemaking locations.

Similarly to the way Northern Territory Tourism gained controversy over their “CU in the NT” campaign years ago, some clever dick in ad-land thought it would be clever to combine travel and food with, yes, the world’s most successful selling point: sex.

The advertisement (above) was launched yesterday and features so much sexual innuendo in its imagery and commentary (eg: “Your tongue years for a certain sensation”), even Sigmund Freud couldn’t keep tabs on it all.

Either that or he’s rolling in his grave right now in ecstasy.

Antonino Tati

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