WIN! Double Passes: ‘Supernova’ puts dementia under the microscope and breaks down gay stereotypes while it’s at it

Supernova is a remarkable film that tackles one of society’s greatest heartaches: the aging disease that is dementia.

The film features powerhouse performances from its lead actors Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci, who play a gay couple coping (and often not coping) with the disease, as tragedy gradually unfolds into a beautiful love story.

Musician Sam (Firth) and his lifelong partner of 20 years, novelist Tusker (Tucci) embark on a road journey travelling across the beautiful moors of England, stopping for a family reunion that is long overdue.

Tusker is diagnosed with young-onset dementia and two years have passed with both men struggling to avoid the cruel changes to come.

During their holiday Tusker’s condition progresses, testing their relationship. Still, they remain there for one other while confronting the devastating truth that awaits them.

As sad as the main theme is, we need more authentic movies like Supernova which mirror the common ails of our aging population.

Moving yet earnest performances are rare on celluloid these days, and Firth and Tucci give impeccable performances here, endearing the audience to such an extent that you truly are vested in their relationship.

To be reminded that those lucky to live with a devoted partner in one’s life and feel pure happiness even in the face of grief is an experience worth cherishing.

A film which refreshingly breaks Hollywood gay stereotypes, Supernova packs a punch as its  characters unravel and the audience understands they are not alone in this indiscriminatory, unfair disease where love and memories are worth fighting for. A must see.

Annette McCubbin

‘Supernova’ is in cinemas now.


Cream has 10 x in-season double passes to see ‘Supernova’ – now in cinemas. To try winning a double pass, simply email your name, address and the Subject heading ‘Supernova’ to no later than 5pm, Monday 12 April, 2021.

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