Forget the ‘mindfulness’ colouring-in books this year – one more of those will surely send her over the edge. Let Mum know you’ve put real thought into your gift this Mother’s Day. From hobbies to bedding, beauty products to indoor gardening, we figure we’ve got most bases covered.

Compiled by Lisa Andrews, Antonino Tati & Brittany Roccamante.

WHAT: Ecosa Bedding. DESCRIPTION: When you visit the Ecosa website, you’ll see over 13,000 reviews on their mattresses alone, with thousands of these giving five stars. We won’t go into detail now about how amazingly comfortable and good for your back an Ecosa mattress is – because this editorial is about the brand’s bedding – suffice to say that thanks to its adjustable firmness, I’ve not slept better in a long time! Now, to the good stuff that goes on top of that mattress. Ecosa are renowned for their organic bamboo sheets which are made from a sateen weave for extra-silky smoothness.

Seriously, these sheets breathe and without ever weighing you down with thread count. Even on warm nights it feels great to snuggle under them – they’re that good at acclimatising to changing temperatures. All fitted sheets, flat sheets and pillowcases are hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and made using eco-conscious processes – which makes us sleep even better at night. Available in a variety of colours including charcoal, navy blue, sky blue, olive green and more. RRP: $240.00 (although there is currently a sale on the Ecosa website where full sheet sets can be purchased for just $192.00). AVAILABLE FROM:

WHAT: LEGO Botanical Collection Flower Bouquet & Bonsai Tree. DESCRIPTION: Who says LEGO is just for kids? Let Mum take a break from all that Sudoku-ing and mindful colouring-in to sample a different pastime: LEGO flower arranging or bonsai building! The 10280 Flower Bouquet will see her building her own bunch of bright LEGO flowers in no time, while it might take her a little longer to ‘plant’ and ‘prune’ the 10281 Bonsai Tree, shifting pieces so that it can appear vivid green or fully blossomed. Not only is block-building a great way to de-stress and while away the time, the end results look great on the living room bookshelf. And while LEGO has a bit of an unwarranted reputation as a medium that doesn’t lend itself easily to organic shapes, the LEGO Botanical Collection is about to change all that. RRP: $89.99 for the Flower Bouquet, $89.99 for the Bonsai Tree. AVAILABLE FROM: or outlets such as Myer and Kmart.

WHAT: Jo Malone Blossoms Collection. DESCRIPTION: An aptly named collection featuring four floral fragrances: two new and two well-known and loved. The two new fragrances celebrate the beauty of the hibiscus flower: Yellow Hibiscus – a beaming and juicy light floral, and Red Hibiscus – a vivid solar floral and the fragrance house’s first Blossom Cologne Intense. Also available is the welcome return of Frangipani Flower and Nashi Blossom – both fragrances radiant and playful. Oh, and Jo Malone London’s fruity signature fragrance of Nectarine Blossom & Honey is introduced in a limited-edition Body Mist, created with a blend of caring ingredients and natural origin glycerine to condition and scent the skin. Why say it with just flowers this Mother’s Day when you can gift Mum something that lingers longer? RRP: Yellow Hibiscus, Frangipani and Nashi Blossom Colognes 30ml each RRP $102.00; Colognes 100ml each RRP $204.00. Red Hibiscus Cologne Intense 30ml RRP $135.00 and 100ml RRP $270.00. Nectarine Blossom & Honey Body Mist 100ml RRP $84.00. AVAILABLE FROM: The Jo Malone London Woollahra Boutique and via, and at select Myer and David Jones locations. At the moment for Mother’s Day, enjoy a miniature candle (35g) with purchases over $130, or spend $200 and receive a duo of miniature candles (35g each).

WHAT: Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’ Enamel Pin. DESCRIPTION: A gorgeously detailed pin inspired by one of the key still life paintings in Vincent van Gogh’s ‘Sunflower’ series. The original painting was simply called ‘Sunflowers’ but is now often followed with a fairly nefarious subtitle ‘F458’ by art historians (to distinguish it from other sunflowers in Vinnie’s oeuvre). This pin is for true appreciators of the visual arts. RRP: $9.99. AVAILABLE FROM: along with an array of other glorious pin designs.

WHAT: Naturalis Organic Wines. DESCRIPTION: Drinking organic wines always makes us feel good. Naturalis take their organic winemaking seriously, putting a total ban on synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, fertilisers or inputs of any kind to harvest their grapes. In fact, everything they use comes from nature, pure and clean. The Chardonnay reveals hints of melon and peach that complement the subtle oak, together ending in a soft full palate that finishes with richness and length. The Rosé is made up of 95% Shiraz and 5% Sauvignon Blanc, grapes again carefully nurtured in the Nanya Vineyard. Aromas of blueberry, strawberry and a hint of lime precede a full flavoured palate that finishes with crispness and length. And the Sauvignon Blanc is our favourite, with its bright notes of apple, passionfruit, lychee and gooseberry leading to a crisp finish. All grapes are sourced from the Certified Organic Nanya Vineyard near Paringa, South Australia. RRP: $18.00 each. AVAILABLE FROM: Quality liquor outlets and for more information visit

 WHAT: Mesoestetic Purifying Mousse, Pure Renewing Mask & Ultimate Micropeel. DESCRIPTION: If you’re going to give Mum a beauty product or three, and feel her beauty regime could do with some changing up, rest assured anything by Mesoestetic is going to make her happy. Mesoestetic products provide targeted treatments with optimised formulas for solutions-based results. The Purifying Mousse is a light foam that lends a cooling sensation when applied and does a wonderful job in removing excess oil, makeup, dirt and other impurities. Skin is left looking smoother, brighter and balanced – a clean canvas for what’s up next. The Pure Renewing Mask easily exfoliates and cleanses pores to reduce future breakouts, and helps minimise the appearance of blemishes. Combining physical and chemical exfoliation, it leaves a cleansing, keratolytic and refining effect on skin. What keratolytic you ask? It’s the breaking down of outer layers of the skin, leaving you feeling like you have a new one! Finally, the at-home peel is the ultimate resurfacing solution that combines multiple forms of AHAs with enzymatic exfoliation for smoother, softer, clearer and brighter looking skin. Helps to slough away devitalised cells and refine texture. Three great products that’ll leave Mum feeling brand new. RRP: Purifying Mousse $69.80; Pure Renewing Mask $89.00; Ultimate Micropeel $118.00. AVAILABLE FROM: Select beauty outlets and

WHAT: Kyn Supplies. DESCRIPTION: Kyn is a clean formula hair care range for every hair type. Whether her hair is fine, textured, coloured, oily, dry or anything in between, Mum can trust in Kyn to target hair concerns and revitalise her locks. Suggestions from the range include the Leave-In Treatment, which is recommended you use generously and leave in overnight. Perfect as a mid-week pick-me-up, hair is left soft and more manageable the next morning. We also love, love, love the Texture Spray which does exactly what it says, adding oomph and texture instantly. RRP: Leave-In Treatment $19.99; Texture Spray $19.99. AVAILABLE FROM: and Priceline outlets.

WHAT: Once & Well’s Frankie’s Garden Wines. DESCRIPTION: Western Australia’s Margaret River region is renowned for its quality wine production, possibly one of the most fertile areas in Australia for experimentation with varietals. One impressive brand to come out of the region is Once & Well whose ‘Frankie’s Garden’ range of wines is testament that southern WA is where its at for bolder, more daring wines. Frankie’s Garden Sun Kissed White is a lively drop that blends Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. If you think the usual SSB is satisfying, wait till you try this triple threat with its added aromas of passionfruit, guava, lemon essence, nectarines and sweet jasmine. Best enjoyed on a summer’s day but even a west coast autumn day warrants this white. Its sister wine, Frankie’s Garden Margaret River Rosé is bursting even more with fruity flavours – a blend of strawberries, toffee apple and even a subtle whiff of fairy floss on the nose. Your Mum deserves such sweet treats. RRP: $15.99 each. AVAILABLE FROM: Dan Murphy’s, exclusively, and visit for more information.

WHAT: Luigi Bormioli Diamante Riesling Glasses. DESCRIPTION: Pair your quality vino with this set of Luigi Bormioli diamante glasses. The set includes four 380ml stemmed riesling glasses designed in Italy and made of crystal that is lead-free, break-resistant and ultra-transparent. The glassware is made from SON.hyx – a superior lead-free crystal, the ultra-clear glass will remain sparkling even after 4,000 dishwasher cycles. And with titanium-reinforced stem, each glass boasts superior breakage resistance. Mum will love the intricate diamond-like pattern on the glass which adds a dazzling effect when up against the light. Fun fact: diamante is ideal glass for gently aerating light and medium bodied wines to bring out their full aromatic properties. We’ll drink to that! RRP: $79.95 for a set of four glasses. AVAILABLE FROM: Select stores including Myer, David Jones and Kitchen Warehouse.

WHAT: Stanley Rogers Multi Height Serving Board. DESCRIPTION: If you’re often putting on a spread but find yourself running out of room on the table, with part of your charcuterie veering off to the edge, you’ll find this multi height serving board from Stanley Rogers is an ingenious product. Whether you’re serving tapas, tagine, sushi or cheese and fruit, this board will make it look great. High tea, or high times with good friends, the clever design allows the board to be positioned at four different serving heights. Usable positions include ‘buffet style’ (14.5cm off the table), ‘tapas style’ (10cm off the table) or ‘bento style’ (3.5cm off the table). Or just leave it good ol’ platter style, flat on the table. Throw in a Stanley Rogers stainless steel 3 cheese knife set and Mum’s brunch with the girls is sure to be an impressive one. The hole in the Soft Cheese Knife reduces cheese from sticking. The arched blade of the Hard Cheese Knife will cut through hard foods with ease. And the Spreader is perfect for creamy cheeses, pâté or quince. RRP: Multi Height Serving Board $99.95; Cheese Knife Set $44.95. AVAILABLE FROM:

WHAT: Red Crab Spoon Holder & Steam Releaser. DESCRIPTION: A  pot of steaming deliciousness might be too toasty for some, but not this trusty crustacean! He’ll hold your spoon at the ready and prop the pot lid ajar to release some of that steam. You can twist his top to keep the spoon where you like it, and rest easy knowing our good pal is BPA-free and 100% food safe. Made of silicone, the cute crab twists to position the spoon however you like. RRP: $24.99. AVAILABLE FROM:

WHAT: Theragun Prime. DESCRIPTION: Back pain can be a bitch, and nobody bends over backwards as often as Mum does for you. So, she deserves a little physical therapy. What better way to help ease tension and pain than with a Theragun? You’ve probably heard a lot about the Theragun – the trusty device that uses percussive technique (ie: vibrations) to get to difficult and tight places in the body, namely deep into muscles and joints that are often the source of muscular-skeletal pain. The invention of a gun like this might seem obvious but it took one doctor Jason Wersland to devise it after suffering the muscle strain and tension resulting from a motorcycle accident. Now the Theragun practically does Wersland’s massage therapy for him while helping millions of other folks around the world. And it’s oh-so easy to use. Simply push a button and ‘float’ the Theragun across areas in need, using up and down buttons to adjust speed, and applying light to moderate pressure as needed. After trying the gun for a week, this writer can say it truly does work in relieving tension and pain, not only in the back but in the neck, and even across the leg and arm muscles. Reimagine Mum’s wellness routine with something that won’t take days to recover from… like, say, the gym! RRP: $499.00. AVAILABLE FROM: and

↑ WHAT: Cammino Sneakers. DESCRIPTION: Trust a brand whose name is Italian for the verb ‘to walk’ to create some of the comfiest footwear a woman could ever walk in. Every pair of Cammino shoes is made from the finest of leathers and suedes giving your feet room to breathe. Indeed, the label’s foldable ballet flats have been so popular with women on the move, it’s no surprise a sneaker collection would follow suit. Cammino sneakers are made from high-quality soft leather and suede, always in small quantities in support of the slow fashion movement. Not only is this great news for the environment, it means you’re more likely to stand out of the crowd in footwear that is more unique. There are six sneaker styles in fresh designs, like the ‘Portofino’ in cappuccino, silver and yellow, or the ‘Pienza’ (pictured) with its blush python print that we love, love, love. Each sneaker has a crisp white base so the colours and textures really do pop. RRP: $270.00. AVAILABLE FROM:

WHAT: Ecovac Deebot U2 Vacuum Robot. DESCRIPTION: Take control of your cleaning with the Ecovacs Deebot U2 Robot. Scrap that. Leave the cleaning to the robot itself! Allowing convenient, hands-off control via a smartphone (and smart devices such as Google Home), this vacuum bot is state-of-the-art and second-to-none. Succeeding the innovative Deebot 600, the U2 Robot has a newly upgraded vacuum and mop combination and can be automated to clean multiple surfaces with maximised performance.

A special HEPA filter enables the bot to filter micron particles without stirring up dust or pet hair. Max+ Mode enables increased suction power to handle the most demanding tasks, and just watching this beauty at work will make Mum smile. Also, Stair Safety Technology uses anti-drop sensors to clean around stairs and move safely around the home. Give Mum a well-deserved break; get her an Ecovac! RRP: $399.00. AVAILABLE FROM: Godfreys and other quality home goods suppliers. Visit for more information.

↑ WHAT: Skin Physics Lift & Tone Facial Duo. DESCRIPTION: Skin Physics is a high-performance beauty line that Mum will definitely appreciate. Products are beautifully presented with easy-to-follow application – but most importantly, they work! This Lift & Tone Facial Duo is an ideal way to get introduced to the products. Start with the Advance Superlift Face Lifting & Toning Cream, which leaves he face plumper and more brightened, and improves overall complexion thanks to moisturising actives of Vitamin C and Niacinamide. Expression lines are also visibly reduced thanks to the presence of something called Argireline® Peptide. Follow with the Advance Superlift Lifting and Firming Complex which works to restore overall skin firmness and elasticity while improving the appearance of deeper lines and overall contour. This magical serum includes an award-winning Plant Cellular Extract that helps increase skin firmness and increase hydration in a matter of weeks.

And if Mum’s feeling a little more adventurous, get her to try the bold and beautiful Dragon’s Blood by Skin Physics. This highly concentrated, low-irritation complex combines Granactive Retinoid with added Retinol and Hyaluronic Acid to rejuvenate, retexture and hydrate skin while you sleep. It’s a trusted combination that helps restore thickness to the skin and visibly reduces the appearance of fines lines and wrinkles, evening out skin tone – all while you sleep! Magic potions these are, seriously. RRP: Skin Physics Advanced Superlift Lift and Tone Facial Duo $104.90; Dragon’s Blood Retinol Sleep Serum $29.95. AVAILABLE FROM:

↑ WHAT: Recreation Bondi Beach ‘Call Me Venus’ Parfum. DESCRIPTION: There are some fragrances that possess names which don’t really connotate their scent but the Recreation Bondi Beach collection really do connote Sydney’s eastern coastline: light, breezy and peppered with a mix of Aussie flora. ‘Call Me Venus’ features a whirlwind of top notes – cassis, lemon and peach; heart notes of rose, geranium and neroli, winding down to orris – which is the root of iris. Indeed, this perfume smells like flowers plucked right out of a suburban Bondi garden. And Mum’s sure to appreciate a bottle of this pleasant potion over any bouquet of real flowers since it has a far longer expiry date. RRP: $109.00 for a 50ml bottle. AVAILABLE FROM: and select beauty outlets.

↑ WHAT: ‘Orange You Glad We’re Friends?’ Fruit Theme Coasters. DESCRIPTION: This set of four silicon coasters will make a nice gift for the mother-in-law. Sturdy, unbreakable and, er, beautiful! All four coasters feature an orange slice print. Diameter per coaster: 8.8cm x 8.8cm. RRP: Just $7.99 per 4-pack. AVAILABLE FROM: along with an array of other great homewares and accessories.


WHAT: ‘Preserving The Italian Way’. DESCRIPTION: As a kid growing up in a Sicilian household I can honestly say I’ve been spoilt with food. A lot of that good stuff was made under our very roof, with Mum being a dab hand at preparing sauces, sundried tomatoes, pickled ‘giardiniera’, and other traditional noms. To see these and more come to life in this brilliant cookbook is a delight, and Pietro Demaio’s cures and preserves look (almost!) as good as Mums. Mind you, the book was first published in 2008 and has sold more than 45,000 copies Preserving the Italian Way must be telling something right. The writer not only reveals how to preserve vegetables and cure meats, he offers tips on making bread, creating wine and even moonlighting your own liqueurs (imagine your own Limoncino from scratch!). Each recipe is gloriously illustrated with Demaio offering up some interesting backstories to even the most down-home staples. So far as preservation is concerned, this book’s definitely a keeper. RRP: Paperback $39.99; eBook $17.99. AVAILABLE FROM: Quality bookstores and through

WHAT: Burt’s Bees Products. DESCRIPTION: A product by Burt’s Bees is always greatly appreciated – not only for its beautiful packaging and yummy scents but because, put simply, you know it works. Our pick of the bunch for Mother’s Day are the Burt’s Bees Hemp Hand Cream – formulated with hemp seed oil that is rich in Vitamin E – perfect for restoring moisture to dry hands. Also, the Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream is a favourite since it contains sweet almond oil, cocoa seed butter and sunflower oil, all helping to keep nails nourished, and we love the lip-smacking flavour of Burt’s Bees Watermelon Lip Balm. Oh, we’re also converts to the Burt’s Bees Sensitive Facial Cleanser which is formulated with a softening cotton extract to help skin replenish its outer layer while minimising the effects of harsh soaps perhaps previously used. And they all smell sooooo good! RRP: Hemp Hand Cream $19.95, Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream $15.50, Lip Balms $5.95 each; Facial Cleanser $19.95. AVAILABLE FROM: Big W and select retail outlets.

WHAT: Splash Vodka in a Can. DESCRIPTION: If you Mum likes a bit of a tipple but never too much to be falling over, she’ll appreciate the new Splash Vodka in a can. Try the naturally sweet and fruity flavour of watermelon blended with exotic pomegranate, or for something more classical tasting: Vodka Orange Passionfruit. The best news is, these bevvies contain no sugar, artificial flavours, colours, preservatives nor sweeteners, contain a friendly amount of alcohol (4.5%) and all taste great. Oh, and they look very cool carried into a party as a four-pack! RRP: $19.99 per pack of 4 or $99.99 per pack of 24. AVAILABLE FROM: Dan Murphy’s and other quality liquor outlets.

WHAT: Micropod Microgreens Kit. DESCRIPTION: Microgreens truly are a culinary miracle. They grow in a matter of days; without the need for soil or fuss; and taste so fresh and delicious. For those who appreciate healthy meals but are time-poor or space-restricted, Micropods are a saving grace in the kitchen. In short, it’s a simple growing system consisting of bamboo fibre tray, honeycomb grills and readymade seed-mats embedded with untreated and non-GMO seeds. Simply add water to your Micropod, leave it on the windowsill, and within days you’ll be harvesting fresh, leafy microgreens such as red kale, mizuna (a Japanese mustard), and broccoli (fun-sized clones of their mature siblings!).

Easy peasy and oh-so nutritious. In fact, microgreens can have up to 40 times more nutrients than regular greens while their intense colours and flavours will bring any dish to life. RRP: Starter kit cost $59.00. AVAILABLE FROM:

WHAT: Wrinkles Schminkles Face Masks. DESCRIPTION: Made from potent natural, ingredients, these silk-like masks cling beautifully to practically every inch of the face. Ready to be applied straight from the sachet, they’re simple to use, easy to remove, and look fabulous when on – like you’re some kind of porcelain beauty! We tried three varieties: the ‘Facial Plumping Sheet Mask’ which does just that thanks to added collagen, peptides and anti-aging actives; the ‘Decolletage Brightening Sheet Mask’ with 22 ingredients to help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation; and the ‘Eye Smoothing & Depuffing Mask’ – smaller masks that really do work in reducing sunken eyes while plumping and depuffing. Mum would love a set of all three.  RRP: ‘Decolletage Brightening’ and ‘Facial Plumping’ Sheet Masks $20.00 each; ‘Eye Smoothing & Depuffing Mask’ $50.00 for a 5-pack. AVAILABLE FROM: Adore Beauty and

WHAT: Long Haul Inflight Skincare Kit. DESCRIPTION: Okay, so she may not be travelling much with borders going up and down all the time, but this nifty skincare kit is as good for in-house beauty therapy as it is for in-flight. Included in the trusty kit are: Cleansing Micellar Water (15ml), Super-Hydrating Gel Face Mask (15ml), Serum Sorbet (15ml), Lip Balm (10ml), Super-Saturating Face Mist (15ml), Eye Balm (15ml), Rejuvenating & Protecting Facial Oil (15ml), and Moisturising Crème Balm (15ml) along with handy wet wipes and even a mint lolly! 

All of Mum’s beauty needs in one attractive ready-to-go cosmetics bag. RRP: $129.00. AVAILABLE FROM: and select beauty outlets.

WHAT: Fêther Natural Skincare Products. DESCRIPTION: Treat Mum to a little self-care this Mother’s Day. Products by Fêther are natural, vegan, cruelty-free and all made in Australia. Most importantly, they leave your skin looking and feeling amazing. Our pick is the Fêther Anti-Ageing Night Cream paired with the Anti-Ageing Eye Cream which is great for reducing wrinkles and dark circles. You can seriously sense the cucumber refreshing your skin upon very first use, while the Night Cream smells super-delicious and hydrates your skin overnight. Also, the Fêther Blemish Control Vitamin A Face Oil is a must-try – with Vitamin E and sea buckthorn (we had to look it up, too; it’s a deciduous shrub great for skin conditions) The face oil absorbs very quickly and doesn’t leave any yukky residue. As, too, is the Collagen Serum which leaves the face plump and hydrated. RRP: Night Cream $45.00; Eye Cream $45.00; Vitamin A Oil $39.00; Collagen Serum $39.00. AVAILABLE FROM:

WHAT: Brunswick Aces Hearts Gin. DESCRIPTION: There’s an avalanche of gins on the market, partly due to Australia’s fascination with producing the spirit in smaller batches than, say, an old-school label like Hendricks or Tanqueray. Consider it a smaller population thing as each gin brand finds its own niche market down under and each having its own unique selling point. Brunswick Aces Hearts Gin is not only top-shelf in quality and taste, it is renowned for providing a non-alcoholic alternative to its premium Ace Hearts Blend without sacrificing the flavour and experience. Leading with notes of cassia bark and star anise, the gin is balanced nicely by sweet citrus and native Australian wattleseed. In one sitting, we tried Aces Hearts on ice with a slice of lemon; as a cocktail with a drop of Mountain Dew (yep!); and in alcohol and alcohol-free, sapiir form. In all formats, we came to the one conclusion: this gin is good! Treat Mum to something special, whether she’s imbibing, abstaining, or simply moderating her bevvy intake. RRP: Gin RRP $74.95 – 40% ABV; Sapiir RRP $49.95 – 0% ABV. AVAILABLE FROM: Good liquor outlets including Dan Murphys, and through By the way, Brunswick Aces has just opened Australia’s first non-alcoholic bar. If you’re in Melbourne, pop in Thursday to Saturday from 3pm-11pm at 124 Weston Street, Brunswick East. Tell them we sent you!

WHAT: Solbari Sensitive Skin Calming Creams & Sunscreens. DESCRIPTION: If you’re going to protect your skin from dangerous UV rays, you best do it with products made by folks living under the same environmental conditions as you. Solbari SPF sunscreens and calming creams are proudly Australian-made with the intense Australian sun in mind. Aside from their strong UV protection (50+) these sunscreens and moisturisers are enriched with organic colloidal oatmeal to help soothe skin and restore moisture. Available for face and body, they’re a great solution for folks with even the slightest skin sensitivity. We found the Calming Cream for the body the most effective for skin hydration – leaving your skin feeling oh-so smooth. RRP: Pricing examples – Calming Cream for Face $70.00, Calming Cream for Body $90.00; Moisturising SPF50+ Face Sunscreen, 30ml $40.00; Moisturising SPF50+ Face Sunscreen, 50ml $50.00. AVAILABLE FROM:

WHAT: Glasshouse Fragrances’ Ode To Women Candle. DESCRIPTION: Who doesn’t appreciate a quality Glasshouse candle? This particular release pays homage to women and unveils a soft oriental fragrance featuring calming lavender, sweet white honey and candied citrus. You’ll also pick up a subtle cashmere essence: an accord so magical it’ll make Mum feel like she’s wrapped in super-soft cashmere wool! RRP: $54.95. AVAILABLE FROM: Select retail outlets and

WHAT: TCL 10 Pro Mobile Phone. DESCRIPTION: Forget the Apple hype and consider looking into more affordable phones that have their own set of advantages. Like the TCL 10 Pro Mobile. With specs on par with major competitors, this device boasts the lower cost without compromising on the tech you need. Known more for their televisions than their mobile phones, the visuals on this phone are – as you’d expect – impressive a decent-sized screen that bleeds to the edge. But that’s not where the pros end. The TCL 10 Pro has a very good battery life (two days of average use between charges), fast navigation, and efficient functionality. And because television is what TCL are famed for, they’ve added a nifty setting that ups the contrast and the saturation on pics and videos to make the display of these more brilliantly coloured. Go on then, brighten up Mum’s day with something functional and beautiful. RRP: $749.00. AVAILABLE FROM: JB Hi-Fi.

WHAT: Cricut Joy. DESCRIPTION: Why give Mum another stack of ‘mindfulness’ books when you can prompt her creativity properly with something more practical? Say hello to the Cricut Joy! This pint-sized powerhouse makes it easy to create personal paper and decorating products, from food labels to birthday cards, accessories for the kids to transfers on T-shirts. Forget the old-school scissors and label-maker, this one little machine does it all: loads images, prints, cuts and even offers design ideas. With its precision blade, Cricut Joy can cut through a variety of material in any shape you want: vinyl, cardstock, peel-and-stick paper, you name it. There are plenty of colours, fonts and line weights to choose from, so projects will all look unique. In fact, customise whatever your heart desires using hundreds of ready-to-use designs and fonts, or upload your own designs in an instant. And with built-in Bluetooth, you can take this baby anywhere. For creative Mums, and practical ones. RRP: $349.00. AVAILABLE FROM: Spotlight, Big W, Harvey Norman, and JB Hi-Fi.

Paper Daisies Card @2x

↑ WHAT: Paper Daisies Mother’s Day Card. DESCRIPTION: If you don’t have the time to Cricut your own card, check out the range of cute and cheerful Mother’s Day cards on the ‘Paper Daisies Jadorne’ Etsy page. The gorgeous card pictured, for example, is 5″ x 7″ and printed on high quality white cardstock with matching white envelope. Each card is individually packaged in clear cello bag for protection and delivered in a rigid mailer to ensure it arrives in perfect condition. A cute keepsake for Mum. RRP: $4.50. AVAILABLE FROM: Paper Daisies Jadorne via Etsy.

WHAT: Readly Magazine App Subscription. DESCRIPTION: We’re guessing your Mum’s up with all the interweb stuff and so can recommend this beaut new app if she likes reading magazines. Readly provides readers with unlimited reading material including well-established titles and fresh indie ones. Mum might like to peruse the latest TIME magazine or flip through the pages of the current Frankie. Hundred of titles are at her fingertips and each is as easy to read on any device as flipping through good old hardcopy. A Readly subscription allows the subscriber to use the app on up to 5 devices and you can create 5 individual user profiles, meaning a single subscription is enough for the whole family! Now that’s brilliant value. RRP: Just $9.99 a month. AVAILABLE FROM:





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