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Prime Minister Scott Morrison gets booed by 50,000 footy fans; smug mug turns glum in an instant

PM Scott Morrison in a non-Instagram-worthy moment.

When is being a Prime Minister not as cool as being a Prime Minister is supposed to be? When you’re sitting in a football crowd with 50,000+ audience members around you, and almost every one of them is booing at you.

This is what happened to Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Friday night – a man who at the time would have swapped his position with any one of Australia’s currently-unemployed if it meant not being disgraced so.

More than 50,000 people booed Morrison when he appeared on screen at the West Coast Eagles vs Collingwood match which aired to millions more last night.

The game was held at Optus Stadium with 54,000+ footy fans in attendance.

During the second quarter, a video camera panned across to the PM who possessed a typically smug ScoMo mug, and then came the booing, like a Mexican wave of noise.

Brody Mihocek had just kicked a goal, mind you, keeping the Magpies in touch in the Eagles’ 27-point win, so a few cheers might have been mixed in with the boos, but either way it was no music to the PM’s ears.

Channel 7 sports commentator James Brayshaw was quick to say, “Nice reception”, which was cleverly followed by co-commentator Brian Taylor responding, “You wouldn’t like to be in that job and come to the footy, would you?”

Ah politics. They once said it should never be talked about in public. It probably oughtn’t be seen out in public either.

Antonino Tati

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