Tame Impala, Lana Del Rey and The Beatles will all help your garden and houseplants to grow faster

Various studies have been held to see if playing music to your plants can aid in their growth. Yes, it’s a thing. One recent study went so far as to see what bands and which songs are the most successful at motivating your plants to grow. took to Spotify to find the perfect plant-growing song based on existing playlists designed for growing plants. They looked into which music genres, songs and artists were most common in 100 plant-growing playlists on Spotify, as well as discovering the average BPM and length of songs best suited to better gardening.

The ideal plant-growing song has a tempo of 114 beats per minute, lasts an average of four minutes, and falls into the pop genre. 

Here are the best working music genres: 

 Music Genre Number of songs featured from artists of this genre 
#1 Pop 1,233 
#2 Indie Folk 733 
#3 Indie Pop 721 
#4 Rock 651 
#5 Modern Rock 600 
#6 Indie Rock 595 
#7 Stomp and Holler 539 
#8 Hip Hop 498 
#9 Dance Pop 497 
#10 Alternative R&B 465 

In first place is pop with 1,233 of the acts on the list being pop artists. In second place is indie with 733 featured artists, followed closely by indie pop with 721. 

Places four to six are all occupied by rock music while ‘stomp and holler’ (which we’ve never heard of until now) takes seventh place. Doing a little research ourselves, we found ‘stomp and holler’ is a niche category introduced by Spotify featuring artists such as Ed Sheeran, The Lumineers and Mumford and Sons (who’d have thunkit?).

Eighth is hip hop (498), ninth is dance pop (497), and 10th is alt R&B (465). 

Here are the best artists including Perth’s Tame Impala, crooner Stevie Wonder, and those pop-come-psychedelic favourites, The Beatles:

 Artist Number of playlists that feature the artist out of 100 
#1 Mort Garson 24 
#2 Green-House 15 
#2 Clairo 15 
#3 Walter Wanderly 14 
#4 Tame Impala 13 
#5 The Beatles 11 
#5 SZA 11 
#5 Stevie Wonder 11 
#5 Bon Iver 11 

Lana Del Rey also featured heavily – in 10 of the playlists analysed.

As for best individual songs, three of Mort Garson’s take up the first three spots. Phantasia, Rhapsody in Green, and Music to Sooth the Savage Snake Plant.

So slip on those garden gloves, switch on the wireless speakers, and watch your garden get its groove back.

Antonino Tati

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