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Timothée Chalamet to play Willy Wonka in origin story about the man behind that infamous candy factory

Get ready for an extension on the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory franchise. It’s been announced Call Me By Your Name star, Timothée Chalamet, will play Willy Wonka in an origin story about the man behind the famous (infamous even) candy factory.

Pop analysts have often read dubious meaning into Willy Wonka and his wonderful but weird factory playground.

The film is being directed by Paul King, he who directed every episode of cult British comedy series The Mighty Boosh – so we know it’s going to be truly off-beat.

Chalamet most recently stars in a remake of Dune and in The French Dispatch, both films being released later this year.

He has a connection to an actor who was famous for playing Wonka – Johnny Depp. Depp is the father of Chalamet’s long-rumoured girlfriend, Lily-Rose Depp.

There’s another eerie Depp connection, as earlier this year Chalamet wore an Edward Scissorhands outfit to play Edgar Scissorhands in a Superbowl commercial for auto brand Cadillac. It might have been this that landed him the role as Wonka since Chalamet proved it’s very easy for him to step into Johnny’s shoes.

Chalamet will be the main star of the new movie, since the origin tale leaves out the eponymous character of Charlie entirely, centering on Wonka’s backstory.

The film will be somewhat of a musical, too, making it the first time Timothée Chalamet sings and dances on screen.

Since Roald Dahl, author of the original Wonka books, never delved into the origins of his central characters, the storyline of this new movie is anyone’s guess. One thing is for certain, though; scriptwriters are going to have a tough time dealing with original claims by Wonka that his Oompa Loompas were “miniature pygmies imported direct from Africa”.

Antonino Tati

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