Another music streaming service to add to an already overloaded mix

As if we didn’t have enough choice overload with all the music and video streaming services available to us at the moment. Now comes another one that spookily reminds us of good old Pandora.

Moodagent is a new music streaming service that builds playlists targeted to your mood, and has been launched today in Australia after a successful run so far in Europe.

Using AI technology, Moodagent allows users to create playlists based on their mood, which can then be altered with sliders and add-in ‘flavours’, resulting in the perfect sound for any occasion or mood.

Starting with a song, artist or album, users can then create a unique playlist, or ‘moodagent’, which can be altered via the sliders to match the exact vibe the user is looking for.

Additional songs, artists or albums can be added in as ‘flavours’, allowing complete personalisation and a unique experience for each user.

Led by former Spotify exec Tom Mee, Australia is the newest market for Moodagent, following offices in Copenhagen, Berlin, Delhi and Mumbai. 

Sadly, the price brings our mood down a little. Although users can sign up for a free trial of the Moodagent app which is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play, following the trial, subscription will cost $11.99 a month.

Sure it equates the cost of Spotify per month, but what these music streaming services don’t seem to care about is that that video content channels such as Netflix ($10.99 a month), Stan ($10), and Shudder ($6.99) are all cheaper and have far more expensively produced content. Why should music creators (Find vacancies) and distributors be making so much more than video content creators? Especially in a flooded market?

Lisa Andrews

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