Finding The Right Running Shoes – As Easy As It Seems?

When you think of running, it’s unlikely that the first thing that comes to mind is blisters, injury and spinal problems. However, embarking on this activity without the right protection on your feet can very well put you at risk of these kinds of injuries. Ensuring that your running shoes fit just right is not something you will regret later – but how do you do that?

Well there are footwear professionals in the know. Staff at any one of the several Asics Stores in Australia, for example, can help you to assess your running style and your pronation style, and will be able to analyse your feet to help you get a better understanding of your anatomy, in order to make the right decisions about what shoes to wear when you go running. Of course, you can undertake this journey on your own, but the more you know, the easier it becomes. After all – why would you cut corners on your own safety, health, and comfort?

Look at your surfaces

Where your feet will be landing when you run is a massive consideration in helping you to decide what type of shoes you will need to best protect your body against the prevalent environment at the time. If you live in the city and predictably only really run on road surfaces, your shoes needs will be very different from those of someone who only runs in rural or off-road areas.

Road running shoes are designed to withstand the effects of tarmac on the feet, and are designed for predictable motion across a mainly flat surface. The cushioning that is used in these shoes is also important, as it helps to mitigate the effect of the hard surface on the joints – one of the most important strategies in preventing injury.

Love a trail run? Of course you do, but there’s no denying that the exposed roots, rocks, gravel, and mud that comes with running in this territory is a sure-fire way of getting injured, if you can’t manage the surfaces you run on, due to not wearing the right shoes.

The ideal trail running shoes will provide you with enough grip and stability to handle even the most challenging terrain while providing enough support to your feet.

If you are an all-rounder and enjoy aspects of both activities, follow the lead from staff across Asics stores in Australia, and get your hands on a pair of multi-surface running shoes, also known as cross trainers.

Socks make a difference

Believe it or not, how thick (or thin) your socks make a huge difference to your running experience. How the feet expand and shrink inside the shoes is greatly affected by the type of socks that are worn at the time. One of the best pieces of advice you’ll ever receive, is to make sure that you try on any potentially new shoes wearing the socks (or at least the same kind of socks) that you will be running in.

A good technical running sock with adequate ventilation capacity and moisture wicking properties are the best to keep your feet dry, chafe-free, and comfortable during your run.

Remember that a very think sock will affect how tightly the shoe sits on your foot, so if you try it on with a thick pair of socks, don’t be surprised if your shoes feel too big when you wear thinner ones! 

Does the brand of shoe make a difference?

In the list of considerations when looking for a new pair of running shoes, appearance should be right at the bottom. Sure, everyone loves a cool-looking pair of shoes, but function, fit and cushioning are far more important for the health of your feet.

No matter how cool the shoes look, resist the temptation to buy a pair based on appearance alone. Buying shoes from a popular brand does come with some reassurance of a good performance, based on a reputation built up over time, but make sure that you still check them for everything you need the shoes to do, before committing! Not all brands manufacture their shoes to the same specifications either, so even if a brand is in the upper pricing bracket, it is not a guarantee that the shoes will be suitable for your feet, so take the time to shop around!

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