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Return of an icy treat: Remember the Twin Pole?

Summer 1977. Perth, Western Australia. The kids are doing their swimming lessons. The parents are setting up the picnic. After lunch, everyone enjoys a double icy treat, otherwise known as the Twin Pole.

This frozen treat favourite was a staple in schoolyards, at swimming pools and on the beach for decades, but suddenly it disappeared some time around 2010.

Now the Twin Pole is back, just in time for the 2021 summer.

The original Twin Pole flavour combo of Raspberry and Pineapple returns to shop shelves this week, along with two new flavour combos: Vanilla & Chocolate and Cookes & Cream. Triple noms, then!

Says longtime Twin Pole fan, Neil Hancock, who has been campaigning for the return of the ice treat on his Facebook page for ten years now: “Twin Pole was my favourite treat; I have many happy memories associated with it.”

Hancock even served Twin Poles at his wedding (proof below).

“I always hoped Peters would see the group and bring it back, but now it’s a reality I’m blown away by the surprise.”

That makes the two of us. Twinsies!

Michael Mastess

Twin Poles are available in packs of 8, RRP $7, in your local supermarket freezer aisle.

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