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Just in time for Halloween, new site AllHorror.com is totally devoted to the scare/slash/spook genre

The horror genre in cinema and television has grown exponentially as stream TV and the internet take over as the broader, more ‘diplomatic’ means of entertainment.

AllHorror.com, a movie database like IMDb but only for horror, was created by Adrian DeGus along with a team of fellow horror fans as a way to help others find new movies based on the exact types of movies they already love.

So it’s not surprising that several streaming channels have sprung up devoted solely to all things horror. From Hitchcock to Blum, Ryan Murphy to James Wan, decades worth of awesome spook stories are now available at our fingertips via websites like AllHorror.com and streaming channels such as Shudder.

On AllHorror.com horror seekers can browse through over 8,700 movies organised into over 150 different horror sub-genres, 25 different styles, 107 different years and the streaming platforms they can be watched on.

Seekers can also find new horror movies similar to movies they already know using AllHorror’s ‘movies like’ feature.

The system is curated manually by horror fans who have personally seen all movies mentioned, with each film rated, and providing trailers, critic reviews, and spoiler-free “What to Expect” write-ups. It truly is a devoted hub of horror.

One of the more popular features that AllHorror recently released (aside from the official All Horror rap video, lol) is a way to actually pay writers for submitting movie reviews. AllHorror now accepts movie reviews from anyone with a free account and has integrated with PayPal to provide payments in the form of tips directly from readers.

Unlike other platforms, AllHorror does not claim any share of money sent to writers. Writers get the full amount sent directly to their accounts from readers. AllHorror also actively promotes all submitted reviews to help give writers maximum exposure. For readers, all reviews are short and spoiler-free as a way to provide yet another way for people to find new horror movies they’ll love.

All this from a film genre that nobody even took seriously back when Dr Caligari got all freaky-like on celluloid.

Antonino Tati

To learn more visit www.allhorror.com.  

Image, top of story, from 1989 horror flick ‘Grandma’s House’.

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