PAX Online 2021: packed with with more gaming demos and panels than you can poke a motion controller at!

It’s one of the biggest gaming conventions held in cities across the globe, and this year PAX will bring its second virtual event to a global gaming community from October 8-21, 2021.

Due to post-Covid restrictions, the PAX Online Experience will replace PAX Aus and PAX West but believe us when we say there will be huuuuuge fan-favourite content 24 hours a day, over all of the 10 days. And the best bit: it’s all free.

There’ll be a global welcome on Friday the 8th, 10am AEST where visitors can meet the team behind PAX Together.

There really is something for everyone with triple-A content including virtual theatres, a virtual expo hall, the well-loved Omegathon, dozens of amazing panels, and just announced is the Galaxy of Crime RPG with a star-studded cast of players including Freddie Prinze Jnr, Kyle Newman, Taylor Gray and more taking part.

We’ve said it before – if all this sounds like a scaled-down version of a usually massive physical event, consider it a part of ‘reality gaming’ – where we get to test new games in our most natural environment… the living room couch!

Game lovers can also expect plenty of game reveals, hands-on demos, thrilling e-sports tournaments, as well as trusty partnerships bringing the virtual show-floor to life such as the long-running Penny Arcade.

Additionally, PAX Online 2021 merchandise is now on sale.

Over the years, PAX has evolved with the times: embracing the cutting edge of technology with VR Freeplay, reaching out across the full spectrum of gamers through its Diversity Lounge, and building up immense game libraries for every genre and platform.

See what’s in it for you at

Antonino Tati

For more information check out the PAX Online schedule.

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