Despite losing ratings and public favour for her bullying, Ellen DeGeneres has gone and called her new beauty line ‘Kind Science’

Love her, hate her, or just consider her full of crap, Ellen DeGeneres has revealed a new line of, wait for it… beauty products.

The fallen talk-show host (well, fallen from grace) recently unveiled her new skincare brand called ‘Kind Science’ – one that focuses on age positivity and, according to Ellen, a product line that is “kind to animals, kind to skin, kind to the planet and kind to your wallet”.

The brand launched just this week but has allegedly been three years in the making.

Keeping things simple and streamlined, Kind Science consists only of seven products, including a face cleanser, firming serum, eye cream, micro exfoliant, neck treatment, hydration cream and radiance oil.

Some critics might consider the brand’s name ironic, especially since Ellen herself was reportedly unkind to many of the co-workers on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which lead to a decrease in the show’s ratings.

But back to that product line… Says Ellen: “The concept for Kind Science came about as I’d struggled for years to find skincare products that didn’t irritate my increasingly sensitive skin. I’ve tried pretty much everything and finally decided to launch my own line, not wanting to compromise the things that matter most to me – caring for yourself, animals and the planet.

While age-positive, Kind Science isn’t about anti-ageing, insists Ellen, “because ageing is a good thing, it shows you’ve lived a lot, learned a lot, and hopefully laughed a lot. I want to keep laughing, just with fewer laugh lines and wrinkles.”

This year, The Ellen DeGeneres Show will end its 19-season run.

Antonino Tati

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