What are the most lucrative trends on TikTok?

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With over one billion monthly users, and popular accounts earning up to $1 million per post, TikTok has proven to be one of the most lucrative social media platforms for both content creators and brands.

In light of this, were eager to find out which TikTok trends could earn you the most money. To do so, they utilised an influencer marketing calculator to estimate the average potential earnings for the 10 most liked videos from 2021’s biggest TikTok trends.

As it turns out, teaching people how to do things and giving them little hacks to work with is the most popular trend.

‘Learn on TikTok’ videos have amounted to 175.9 billion views, with the most popular clips tagged #learnontiktok earning an average of $1 million.

The trend ‘Track star’, where people display their athletic abilities, ranks second among TikTok trends with the highest average revenue. The most liked videos using the hashtag #trackstars (1.2 billion views in total) could earn an estimated AUD$760,000 on average. 

Getting into more munted territory, in third place is #seashanty for the ‘Sea shanty challenge’, with those partaking in this trend potentially earning up to AUD$440,000 on average. This popular trend, with 6.1 billion views, demonstrates user creativity and skill in vocals and songwriting.

Other popular trends earning the big bucks include #tellmewithouttellingme at number 04, with the potential to make 400k per clip; #passingthephone at number 05 earning a quarter of a million; and rounding out the top 10 at number 10: #whereyouat (100k), a simple concept of telling peeps where you are, with a lucrative hashtag.

Says finance expert Salman Haqqi, “While there isn’t a magic formula for ensuring a video goes viral [on TikTok] and to some extent it can be sheer luck [there are certain] trends more likely to gain attention, likes and engagement.”

Haqqi says that while making money on TikTok and other social media platforms is fun, you should ensure you have some other consistent income until your earnings on social media are stable and can support your lifestyle. Too many influencers have been burnt; hugely popular one day, down in numbers the next.

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