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5 Things We Love About the New ‘Scream’ Movie

The new Scream movie is just out and it’s as farcical as it is horrific. Cream outlines 5 reasons we love this blood-splattered dark comedy.

Lisa Andrews & Antonino Tati

01. The fifth film in the Scream franchise familiarises audiences with the fresh cinematic concept, “the requel”. This is where a movie revisits the subject matter of an earlier film but is not strictly a remake nor a linear continuation of its plot (ie: not a sequel nor a prequel).

02. It’s a film within a film within a film. Well, at least one scene is. One of the characters is watching fictional horror film Stab on late night television, shouting at the screen for the film’s character to “turn around, there’s a killer behind you”, said character himself watching a horror film on TV, shouting at the screen “turn around, there’s a killer behind you”, all the while the killer is behind our current main on-screen character. Confused yet? You should be.

03. The cast is made up of good ol’ familiar faces and fresh names. Veterans Courteney Cox, Neve Campbell, David Arquette and Skeet Ulrich (pictured) are joined by Jenna Ortega (Insidious: Chapter 2), Dylan Minnette (13 Reasons Why), Jasmin Savoy Brown (The Leftovers) and Mikey Madison (Once Upon A Time In Hollywood), the veterans teaching the newbies a thing or two about surviving serial killers.

04. It’s packed with unexpected pop-ups. There are times when the tension and music build up and you think there’s going to be a jump-scare, but there’s not. Then, when you least expect, something jumps out that freaks the frigging hell out of you.

05. There are plenty of intertextual horror references. A corner street sign reads Elm Street. One of the main characters, Sam Carpenter, is named in tribute to Halloween director John Carpenter. Another of the main characters is called Wes, after Scream’s original director who passed away in 2015. Nick Cave’s Red Right Hand reappears on the soundtrack, after having featured in the original and three other subsequent Scream movies. And (spoiler alert!) just like in the OG Scream, Scream 5 ends with the camera panning out on Stu’s house following the chaos and bloodshed of what just happened inside.

‘Scream’ is in cinemas now.

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