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Goods Lift – unique live acts to lift your spirits at WA Museum Boola Bardup

Who would have thought that I’d be walking with the dinosaurs while being serenaded at a Fringe show? The inaugural launch of Goods Lift was a unique music show like no other – and a brilliant idea to transform the WA Museum Boola Bardup into a cool club lounge with a feeling of an underground music scene.

Set in the service elevator, no less, two floors of the museum are transformed into chillout spaces with bean bags, and a host of local up-and-coming musicians performing live.

Awaiting the service elevator to slowly lift its heavy doors, the anticipation of what or – more to the point, who – would be revealed was a feature of the venue. Like a curtain unveiling a theatre show, Perth singer-songwriter Jamilla burst into ballad form then introduced a soulful guitar set that sent us into a mesmerising calm. Her voice is smooth; the vibe is cool; and the themes of the songs honing in on the subject of love gone wrong.

Next, we levelled up into the gallery for an impressive electronic set, enjoying Jamilla’s mastery once more as she mixed her own vocals over backing tracks and synthesised beats. It truly made me appreciate how talented our local artists are; a show well worth investing your time and money on.

We were also left wanting to return to the Museum for further investigation of its diverse audio-visual and interactive displays. A superb and somewhat romantic way to start off your Fringe evening, suited to all ages, shows are limited to Friday nights.

Be sure to add Goods Lift to your Fringe selection, especially if you are in need of something new, soothing, and somewhat radical.

Annette McCubbin

‘Goods Lift’ is on at the WA Museum Boola Bardip on Friday 21 January 6pm, 7.30pm & 9pm
and Friday 28 January 6pm & 7.30pm. Cost is $39 for standard entry and $37 on Concession.

More information at www.fringeworld.com.au.

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