Foo Fighters star in their own supernatural spoof film that’ll make the Devil proud

What do you do when you’re one of the world’s most creative and influential rock bands locked down in a mansion supposedly steeped with ghosts of rock’n’roll past? Make a record, of course!

In Studio 666, legendary rock outfit Foo Fighters move into an Encino mansion that is steeped in grisly music history to record their much anticipated 10th album.

Once in the house, frontman Dave Grohl finds himself grappling with supernatural forces that threaten the completion of the album as well as the lives of the band.

It’s like the a grunge version of The Beatles’ Help… only with demons and ghosts and shit.

Studio 666 stars Dave Grohl, Nate Mendel, Pat Smear, Taylor Hawkins, Chris Shiflett, Rami Jaffee, Whitney Cummings, Leslie Grossman, Will Forte, Jenna Ortega and Jeff Garlin, and is based on a story penned by Grohl. So you know it’s gonna be real funny dark.

Antonino Tati

Studio 666′ is in cinemas from February 24, 2022, for one week only.

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