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Apple release a fresh batch of emojis for iOS… but what’s with the pregnant dude?

As part of its iOS 15.4 update, Apple have released some 37 new emojis that reference climate change, queer culture, and even horniness.

Included in the new batch of glorified pictographs are a melting face (which Perth and WA peeps would find great use of during their current heatwaves); a disco ball (good since Mardi Gras is right around the corner), and a biting lip emoji (for super-horny guys and gals swiping right on Tinder).

Queer culture also gets a patronisingly (and possibly insulting) emoji of a pregnant man. WTF this is supposed to represent is anyone’s guess but it’s like someone’s been watching too much American Horror Story: Double Feature.

Aliens operate on a pregnant dude in ‘AHS: Double Feature’.

There’s also a hideous looking little thing that could only be a troll – good for calling out bullies and bitches online.

Meanwhile, the handshake emoji has gotten more multicultural with different complexions now in the mix, and there’s a lovely lotus on a lilypad for when you can’t be arsed explaining you’re in the middle of a yoga session.

Sorted to keep being lazier in our correspondence, then.

Antonino Tati

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