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RTRFM celebrates its 45th anniversary with a massive line-up of local acts playing live

1977 was a memorable year. I was only seven but I recall seeing Star Wars when it first hit cinemas; hearing on the radio that Elvis Presley had died; sensing the tension surrounding a TV series called Roots; and something about the Queen’s Silver Jubilee that saw our coins looking, well, shinier.

It was also the year the University of Western Australia spawned its own radio station, initially known as 6UWA. This was a big deal back then, since students suddenly got to have their say on air about the important issues of the day.

6UWA eventually morphed into 6UVS, becoming the the very first station on the FM dial in Western Australia. A further name change arrived in 1991, and since then RTRFM has been delivering alternative music, important current affairs and community news to an ever-growing and very appreciative audience.

This year, RTRFM celebrates its 45th birthday. Yep, going back to where it all began in ’77. Part of the celebrations is a huge all-day party, SINCE ’77 which is being hosted at Mojo’s Bar in Fremantle.

The event, happening on Sunday, February 27, also marks the reunion of RTRFM and Mojo’s; the two institutions’ first collaboration since mid-2020.

In the main room will be the sounds of Turnstyle, Simone & Girlfunkle, Maurice Flavel’s Intensive Care, Mathas, The Little Lord Street Band and The Floors.

The wonderfully monikered Maurice Flavel’s Intensive Care are just one of the acts playing at RTRFM’s SINCE ’77 party.

The venue will also feature the sounds of Banjo Lucia, The Washing Line Economy, and a Welcome to Country and solo set from Phil Walley-Stack.

In the courtyard, RTRFM DJs will be spinning tunes from the station’s popular shows including Ambient Zone, Drastic on Plastic, Black and Blue, Jamdown Vershun and Soulsides.

As if that’s not enough damn fine music, down the road at Port Beach Brewery, RTRFM have teamed up with Blue Grey Pink and Sweetmate Promotions to celebrate more of their favourite local acts including Odlaw, Pat Chow, Gap Year and Jocelyn’s Baby, while outside in the Garden Bar, New Talk, Odette Mercy and Her Soul Atomics, The Volcanics, Last Quokka and Catherine Traicos will bring the summer day vibes.

Above, Catherine Traicos.

With food and merchandise available all day and kids also welcome, SINCE ‘77 is a celebration of a station that has been central to Perth’s unique and truly world-class music scene.

Here’s to 45 more years of nurturing excellent talent.

Antonino Tati

RTRFM’s SINCE ’77 is on at Mojo’s Bar Fremantle and Port Beach Brewery on Sunday 27 February, 2022. For more info and to buy tickets head to rtrfm.com.au.

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