The Reason Party in Victoria say ‘Fuck Fast Fashion’ in the name of sustainability

The Reason Party will be launching a campaign to promote Victoria’s magnificent fashion industry but at the same time to highlight the appalling, unsustainable textile waste that occurs in Australia and around the world.

Dubbed Fuck Fast Fashion: Buy Local, Buy Ethical, Buy Less, the campaign will run over the coming months and will include a range of events covering key themes such as ‘sport’, ‘hemp use’; ‘body positivity’ and ‘gender neutrality’.

To get the Australian parliament into the spirit of supporting such a crucial generator of jobs and creativity – and of pride and profits – the Reason Party are planning a pollies’ fashion parade. Yes, it is very rare that we see politicians in fashionable attire but the results ought to be interesting, to say the least.

Consider this fact: in Australia, 780,000 tonnes of waste are sent into landfill, making us the second highest consumers of textiles per person, after the USA. Fast fashion, often profiteering from the exploitation of women in developing economies, is the primary culprit.

Fuck Fast Fashion will be launched at the Reason office in Collingwood on Wednesday 9 February at 7pm AEST, with a panel discussion to feature local designers and stylists.

There will be talks on recycling and reselling fashion, along with the above-mentioned topics.

If you’re in Victoria, get your best recycled threads on, and head down to the Reason offices in Collingwood to help rally for a good eco cause.

Antonino Tati



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