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WIN! Copies of beaut new book ‘Sheilas: Badass Women of Australian History’

As the lyric in Eurythmics’ Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves goes: “… they used to say that behind every great man there has to be a great woman”. Delving into history’s cobwebbed archives, it turns out there often wasn’t a man there at all. Just a badass, don’t-fuck-with-me, tough woman who made positive changes, and yes, ran amok now and then.

Australian history is not without its share of radical women; a fact that is clearly outlined in Eliza Reilly’s brilliant book ‘Sheilas: Badass Women of Australian History’.

Reilly takes a rollicking romp through Aussie history to discover an army of the baddest and bravest women to shake up the establishment.

From icons who pushed to get rid of old prohibition rules for women (Merle Thornton) to those who fought for Indigenous rights (Faith Bandler), women who fought off Nazism (Nancy Wake) to gals that gladly waved the bisexual flag (Roseleen Norton), the representatives here are feisty, forthright and fabulous.

Compiled and written by Eliza Reilly, it contains profiles of women from across every decade.

Sheilas is an intelligent and often hilarious read that ought to be on bookshelves alongside any tome that paid too much tribute to the likes of Ned Kelly through to John Ibrahim.

Antonino Tati


‘Sheilas: Badass Women of Australian History’ is out through Pan Macmillan, RRP $34.99 in hardback.



Courtesy of Pan Macmillan, Cream has five copies of Sheilas: Badass Women of Australian History to give away. To try winning, simply email your name, address and the Subject heading ‘Sheilas’ to cream@pobox.com no later than 5pm, Monday 14 March, 2022. Winners will be notified by email.

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