Dettol scrapes in at number one in Reader’s Digest’s Most Trusted Brands Survey; Band-Aid, Cadbury, Dulux & Woollies make the Top 10

Reader’s Digest has revealed the results of its most Trusted Brands Survey for 2022, revealing that proactivity and customer relations are the two primary selling points for big brands today.

“To be truly trusted, a brand needs to remain consistent to the promises it makes to consumers,” says Reader’s Digest Advertising & Retail Director, Sheron White.

As a respected global brand itself, with over 20 editions published in over 40 countries, Reader’s Digest celebrates 100 years in publishing this year.

The important thing to note is that the Trusted Brands survey is not one conducted by responses from readers of Reader’s Digest, but rather an independently commissioned poll surveying some 3,000 Australians to help identify the brands they trust the most.

So, which brand is in at number? Dettol, which is a natural choice in pandemic times.

Since first being used as a post-surgery antiseptic skin wash in hospitals, Dettol has evolved to become the one of the most trusted brands in germ protection around the home. Today it produces hundreds of products including household cleaners, laundry sanitisers, antibacterial hand washes and hand sanitiser products.

Dettol has made a sustainability pledge this year which includes making 100% of its packaging recyclable or reusable and to include at least 25% recycled plastic content in its packaging by 2025. So far it has made significant steps by launching its first biodegradable and compostable wipes in its household cleaning range.

Other brands featured in this year’s top ten include Band-Aid at number 2 (the brand having started out in 1920), Bunnings at number 3, and Cadbury at number 4.

Australians clearly believe that Cadbury chocolates consistently taste great, and have voted the brand one of the best and most trusted in the country. During the pandemic, Cadbury expanded its product ranges to include a variety of new products, and even revived the packaging of its most basic chocolate, seeing various decades and events stamped on different packs.

Rounding out the top 10 of most trusted brands are Woolworths (#5), Dulux (#6), Dyson (#7) and Panadol at #10.

Charitable brands also feature, including the Royal Flying Doctors at number 8 and the Cancer Council at number 9.

You can view the full results in the May edition of Reader’s Digest or visit

Antonino Tati



01. Dettol

11. Glen 20                               

02. Band-Aid

12. Twinings

03. Bunnings Warehouse

13. Bega Cheese

04. Cadbury

14. Dairy Farmers

05. Woolworths

15. Toyota

06. Dulux

16. Westinghouse

07. Dyson

17. Bridgestone

08. Royal Flying Doctors

18. Finish

09. Cancer Council

19. Vicks

10. Panadol

20. Weber


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