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Australia Post release its new batch of Aussie-themed $1 coins

Australia Post and the Royal Aus­tralian Mint are once again releasing millions of freshly minted $1 coins for their third Great Aussie Coin Hunt.

The big deal this year? Coins boast a heck of a lot of detail.

Each coin features an iconic Australian object or place, with most of them stamped with the quirkiest of Aussie icons.

Some are iconic classics, such as C for Cockatoo; F for Farmers; M for Magpie; and N for Nullarbor Plain.

Others are rather camp. Think: D for Darrell Lea Chocolates (we figure that one’s been paid for); Vanilla Slice; and the rather odd inclusion of the word ‘Hooroo’, which apparently is a traditional Aussie way of saying ‘Hello’ but, heck, we’ve never used the term.

Grab the set of 26 A-Z coins and you’ll automatically go in the draw to win one thousand buckeroonies. Daily draws end 5 June 2022.

The coins can be purchased from physical Australia Post outlets as well as online at auspost.com.au.

While you’re online, careful not to be ripped off by eBay sellers, hocking each coin for $5 and over. And then having the nerve to charge you postage… giving Australia Post even more bang for their buck.

Antonino Tati



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