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It’s time to dust off the cobwebs… there’s an entire city waiting to welcome you back

So, the big bad pandemic has had you holed up at home, happy enough in your tracky daks, bingeing Netflix and Stan, and ordering Menulog in. You’re so cosy-ed up and comfortable right now you really couldn’t be arsed making yourself presentable and, god forbid, going out and socialising with real people. Four words, folks: Snap. Out. Of. It.

The truth is that it can be difficult to get out of a rut or routine, especially when that routine is doing, well, pretty much nothing. But once you’ve gotten your butt off the couch, given yourself a bit of a makeover, and made the bold move to step out again, you’ll find there’s a host of quality hospitality outlets waiting to make you feel, yes, at home!

Bars and restaurants are opening up their doors again to let you into their spick and span (thank you deep-cleaning) established venues and even a few brand-spanking new digs.

Once you’ve caught that Uber out of the suburbs into the great urban jungle, you’ll be amazed that life really does exist outside of your living room.

In Perth in particular, small bars and reputable restaurants are abuzz with fresh offerings and exciting surroudings, and no event proved this better than the recent reSPARK industry get-together at Frasers Restaurant held last week.

Hundreds of hospitality industry members and their regular patrons, along with media, enjoyed a first-class experience that boasted amazing food, clever cocktail concoctions, and a variety of top-notch entertainment.

Incredible food stations were supplied by the likes of Frasers, Crown, Parmelia Hilton, the Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre, and even Optus Stadium, while drinks were put on by the likes of Sandalford Wines, Gage Roads, and cocktails courtesy of QT Hotel.

You wouldn’t have known we were in the middle of winter since Phenomenon Creative Events did a remarkable job in setting up faux tropical setting, complete with giant metal palm trees throughout the place and a lighting display that gave the venue a warm ‘Club Tropicana’-type glow.

Guests got to mingle, people-watch, taste-test and salute drinks – all in the name of welcoming back some much-missed socialising.

So, the next time you’re feeling stuck in a seen-everything-I-can-on-stream-TV situation, or going out of your mind worrying that the fridge and pantry are so bare – or even just wondering what the hell happened to date night – consider venturing outward; back onto the Perth nightlife scene. You’ll realise how good it is for your esteem, let alone your taste buds. And, heck, you might even get a little exercise out of it.

Antonino Tati


Reel by Inception Video.


For an idea of what’s on in Perth, visit destinationperth.com.au.

Or check out these trusty web links for some fab things to do:



Parmelia Hilton.

QT Hotel.

Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre.

Optus Stadium.


Photography by The Scene Team.

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