The Cream Christmas Gift Guide 2022

Yet another whirlwind of a year is passing us by – and hopefully things are beginning to settle for you. One thing you’ll probably want a little help with is the Christmas shopping. So as usual, Cream presents its bumper Christmas Gift Guide, packed with brilliant ideas for quality friends and fam.

Pour yourself a cuppa, get comfortable on that sofa, and enjoy scrolling through our compilation of innovative and very interesting gift ideas.

We’ve got your Christmas gift-giving… pretty much wrapped up!

Guide compiled by Antonino Tati, Lisa Andrews & Michael Mastess


↑ WHAT: ECOVACS DEEBOT X1 PLUS. DESCRIPTION: The ECOVACS DEEBOT X1 PLUS robotic dual mop and vacuum cleaner is the gift that keeps on giving. Led by its industrial Jacob Jensen design, the DEEBOT X1 PLUS is Ecovacs’ top-of-the-line cleaning system that exudes timeless beauty and seamless functionality. With cutting-edge features including its own YIKO voice assistant, auto-empty station, interchangeable air freshener capsule, AIVI 3D and TrueMapping technology, this smart vacuum cleaner will clean your home on demand – perfect for those family dinners during this festive season. Home cleaning has never looked so good nor smelled so fresh! RRP: $1,899.00. STOCKISTS: Bing Lee, Godfreys, JB Hi-Fi, Officeworks (online) and The Good Guys (online).


↑ WHAT: Skullcandy Mod True Wireless Earbuds. DESCRIPTION: The Skullcandy Mod True Wireless earbuds’ premium features are what makes them stand out as the perfect work-or play-from-anywhere audio companion. Small enough to hide under the tree, but mighty enough to deliver a truly memorable listening experience – with 34 hours of battery life, that’s ‘All I Want For Christmas’ 510 times! Look out for Cream’s full product review, online soon. RRP: $99.00. STOCKISTS: Available to purchase at Skullcandy online or at JB Hi-Fi.


↑ WHAT: Nextbase 322GW Dash Cam. DESCRIPTION: You’ve seen how handy a dash cam can be in those news stories of road rage gone horribly wrong. That should be enough for you, as a decent driver, to want the security of a quality camera on your dashboard. Nextbase products are so high quality, the video resolution can reach a full 1080p for extra clarity. Otherwise – for longer video recording – there is Full HD at 720p to capture detail of the road ahead. Compact and durable, footage is also able to be shared using the free MyNextbase cloud storage that comes with your package. A high-precision sensor automatically detects any bump or collision and will record everything.

‘Intelligent Parking Mode’ automatically starts recording when motion is detected – even when a vehicle is parked – and a new function called Emergency SOS alerts emergency services to your location, sending crucial medical data for more efficient response.

Nextbase cameras are equipped with night vision to record what’s ahead at any time. A bright high definition 2.5″ touch screen also allows for a wider viewing angle. That’s a lot of good function in one very small device. In fact, the Nextbase 322GW Dash Cam is one of the smallest, effective and more discreet dash cams on the market. RRP: $279.00. STOCKISTS: Officeworks, Repco, The Good Guys and


↑ WHAT: Suunto 9 Peak Pro | Titanium. DESCRIPTION: Suunto 9 Peak Pro is its most powerful multisport watch yet, with astounding battery life and military-grade durability. Building on the award-winning design of the Suunto 9 Peak, the new variant is extremely tough, yet one of the thinnest (10.8 mm) and lightest GPS sport watches in its class.

Combined with the Suunto app and a huge array of partner services, the Suunto 9 Peak Pro gives users a plethora of route finding options, turn-by-turn guidance and advanced training tools.

With outstanding battery life, the watch lasts for 21 days in daily use before requiring charge, 40h in Performance mode, 70 h in Endurance mode and 300 h in Tour mode. RRP: $959.95 in Titanium; or $759.95 in Stainless Steel. STOCKISTS: Suunto (online store), Bing Lee, The Good Guys, Find Your Feet.


↑ WHAT: Wyze Cam V3 Pro 2K. DESCRIPTION: Often we sacrifice the security of our home because the thought of installing cameras and lights sounds like a cumbersome task. But with the Wyze security camera, setting up is a cinch! The Wyze Cam V3 Pro 2K camera is an easy-to-use and very affordable smart cam that boasts 2K resolution, full-colour night vision, real-time detection and even some impressive AI.

Its 2K resolution ensures crisp, clear vision, and offers a powerful 8x digital zoom so you can really see what’s going on in your front or backyard.

That said, some folks are using these cams for indoors, too, keeping an eye on the kids, for example, or the newborn for when an audio monitor just isn’t enough. But back to that brilliant camera: it’s motion-activated, and even has an 80-lumen integrated spotlight along with an 89-decibel siren. Security on all fronts, then. Simply download the Wyze app to set it up and you and your family will be feeling secure in no time. RRP: AU$99.99. STOCKISTS: Available on Amazon and through the Wyze web site.


↑ WHAT: Thermos Stainless King™ Big Boss Food Jar. DESCRIPTION: Rewind to the 1980s and think of those fun days at the swimming pool with family and friends, enjoying picnics between splashing about in the pools. At those affairs, there’d always be a Thermos – filled with hot coffee. Nowadays, Thermos™ are making vaccuum-insulated containers for just about every occasion. Take the 1.39L Thermos Stainless King™ Big Boss Food Jar, for example, which boasts maximum temperature retention, hot or cold. Made of durable stainless steel, the container is cool to the touch even with the hottest of contents, and it has a comfortable rubber grip to hold and carry with you, wherever you go. It comes with two nifty BPA-free containers that each hold a generous amount of food, and the containers are microwave and dishwasher safe. A trusty stopper design helps equalise air pressure to assist in easy removal while the wide mouth is easy to clean. Keeps food hot for up to 10 hours, and cold for up to 24 hours. Now that’s what we call hot! Or cool, depending on your contents… We’ll be bringing ours to night-time cinema outings and daytime picnics, for sure. RRP: $109.99. STOCKISTS: Big W and Victoria’s Basement. More information at


↑ WHAT: TCL 30 5G & S600 True Wireless Headphones Bundle. DESCRIPTION: Built for 5G performance, the new TCL 30 5G’s innovative design and technology allow for vivid visuals in real-time, making it an ideal gift this Christmas for your loved ones. Inside the box comes the standard inclusion of TCL MOVEAUDIO S600 True Wireless Headphones, offering an amazing value bundle come Christmas time!

Weighing only 184g, the strikingly sleek 7.74mm design on the TCL 30 5G means the device easily nestles in the user’s hand, a small bag, or pocket. The device has an incredibly slim design when compared to others with the same battery capacity, so there are no compromises to the battery or the screen. RRP: $599.00. STOCKISTS: JB Hi-FiTarget, Officeworks, and Mobileciti.


↑ WHAT: Meyer Midnight Series 28cm Non-stick Frying Pan. DESCRIPTION: There are pots and pans in our pantry that we’ve trusted and used for years, some even clocking in decades of use. Meyer make that kind of a pan – one that is more of an investment for the kitchen rather than, well, a flash-in-the-pan. Utilising a special technology that transforms aluminum into superhard black ‘alumite’, this amazing material is twice as hard as stainless steel and forms an incredible bond with a heavy-duty nonstick coating. The durability of this pan is so superior, in fact, that it will last 19 times longer than your regular non-stick pan and will withstand up to 80,000 washes. And we mean 80,000 easy scrubs, thanks to that non-stick factor. The finish of the pan prevents stains, too, while there is extra room (in width and height) for more food preparation compared with standard frypans; even after eight uses and washes already, we can’t see one stain! As if all these pluses weren’t enough, the pan is oven-safe up to 180° and is dishwasher safe. RRP: $44.98. STOCKISTS: Big W, Harris Scarfe and select outlets nationwide. For more information visit


↑ WHAT: The Real Food Companion. DESCRIPTION: Cookbooks are a dime a dozen these days. Seriously, you can score decent guides to cooking even on those discount tables in shopping malls. But for serious lovers of food, only a handful of cookbooks from real bookshops are worth their weight in truffles. The Real Food Companion by Matthew Evans is one such book. The author is truly at one with the land: he fattens his own pigs, milks his own cows, and tends to orchards on Puggle Farm in the picturesque Huon Valley, Tasmania. With this produce he has managed to create some innovative recipes as well as presenting many tried-and-true ones in this gorgeous compendium.

Chapters feature sidebar notes like those you used to read in classic cooking tomes by Julia Childs – but with vibrant modern photography and plenty of quick, effective hacks.

Evans delves into the ways in which quality ingredients are harvested and reared, truly appreciating the paddock-to-plate ethos. This is one of the most beautiful yet unpretentious cookbooks we’ve come across. RRP: $65.00 in hardcover. STOCKISTS: Available in quality bookstores, published through Murdoch Books.


↑ WHAT: Freixenet Italian Sparkling Bon Bons. DESCRIPTION: Not sure what to bring to the Christmas party? Sick of all the useless Kris Kringle gifts? And can’t be bothered wrapping them anyway? Check three boxes all at once with these handsome bon bons, each containing a 200ml Piccolo sized bottle of Freixenet Italian Sparkling. There is the Freixenet Prosecco (the gold one) and the Freixenet Rosé (the pink one).

Made from the finest Glera grapes in Italy’s Prosecco region in Veneto, these sparklings are clean, bubbly, and fresh on the palate with tones of lemon, apple and grapefruit all intermingling. Oh, and the limited-edition bon bons also make great Christmas tree decorations. Did we say check four boxes at once? RRP: Just $13.00 each. STOCKISTS: Available exclusively through Dan Murphy’s and BWS.


↑ WHAT: Blue Rosa Spray Mists. DESCRIPTION: Sometimes, you can’t be bothered charging up an electric diffuser and you just want to spritz the room with a bit of lovely mist. Either the Dream Mist or the Clarity Mist by apothecary, Blue Rosa, might be just what’s needed. ‘Dream’ is a calming mist that helps promote relaxation, soothes the senses, reduces anxiety and promotes a deeper, more tranquil sleep. If you’re not ready for Zzzzz’s, ‘Clarity’ is a mist that’ll purify and clear your surrounds, with an uplifting scent that’ll help perk you up. Simply shake well and apply a few sprays into the space you’d like to cleanse. And what are the magical ingredients? ‘Dream’ contains essence of Witch Hazel, Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Rose and Chamomile, while ‘Clarity’ consists of Witch Hazel, too, along with cleansing Sage, Lemon, Rose, Sandalwood and Rose Quartz. Really refreshing scents that make an excellent stocking stuffer. RRP: $50.00, per 100ml bottle. STOCKISTS: Available from While you’re on the site, check out the company’s range of skin wellness products, homewares, and even chocolates!

↑ WHAT: Monnet VSOP Cognac 40% Alc/Vol. DESCRIPTION: Did you know that all cognac is brandy, but not all brandy is cognac? Like champagne, Cognac can only be called so if it comes from the French region it is named after or from nearby vineyards. Situated just 10kms from Cognac is a commune named Jarnac – where Monnet Cognac is patiently distilled. Monnet harvest the ‘Ugni Blanc’ grape – perfect for this particular spirit since it contains less sugar than other grapes. Still, you can’t help pick up subtle fruity notes including citrus and, rather deliciously, banana, honey and nougat. The VSOP part refers to this being a ‘very superior old pale’ which has been aged in oak barrels, then double-distilled in copper pots, lending the drink an aromatic richness. It’s best to drink at room temperature – with your hand around the brandy glass providing just the right amount of heat needed. RRP: $99.00 700ml. STOCKISTS: Available from Dan Murphy’s and select liquor outlets nationally. Visit for more information.


↑ WHAT: Montblanc Writers Edition 1812 Fountain Pen. DESCRIPTION: The Brothers Grimm – Jacob and Wilhelm – were prolific writers of popular stories that have stood the test of time (Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty and more), but they were also ardent academics, philologists (historical linguists), lexicographers and cultural researchers. And that all involved a lot of writing. We can only imagine how thrilled they’d have been if they were able to write using this stunning fountain pen by Montblanc, inspired by the Brothers themselves. The pen features a 0.62 mm nib, allowing for fine calligraphy and beautiful letter-writing. RRP: $6,670.00. Ink is available in green, RRP $60.00 per 50 ml bottle. STOCKIST: and Montblanc stores nationwide.


↑ WHAT: Aurelio Costarella x AGWA Scarf Collection. DESCRIPTION: Aurelio Costarella is a name that has been synonymous with style since 1983, when the designer first stepped foot into the fashion industry. Since then, there have been plenty of ups and downs and a cavalcade of stars whom Costarella has dressed: Charlize Theron, Rihanna, Dita Von Teese, to name a few. In 2017, Aurelio announced he would step away from the fashion industry to focus on bettering his wellbeing. Along with this came a foray into painting and working with mixed media, which he reveals acts as a kind of “therapy”. Now, Aurelio has transferred some of his works onto silk, creating a trio of gorgeous scarves in conjunction with the Art Gallery of Western Australia (AGWA). The three designs are named ‘Deep Soul Mining’ (ironically, the more colourful of the three); ‘Purple Haze’ (pictured, above); and ‘Black Dahlia’ (below).

More than just a scarf, each can be worn as a bandanna, halter top, even a sarong for the summer days ahead. In fact, working out what to wear it as is half the fashion appeal. RRP: $295.00. STOCKIST: The Aurelio Costarella x AGWA scarves are available in limited numbers at the AGWA Design Store.


↑ WHAT: Tarramarra Leather Loafers. DESCRIPTION: We speak for the stylish men in our lives when we say there’s nothing quite like the feel of soft leather loafers, and these Tarramarra ‘Colin’ Loafers are a wonderful fit for the modern man who appreciates a classic aesthetic. These loafers offer timeless style with subtle accents that include a premium leather exterior and horseshoe detailing that adorns the top of the shoe’s tongue. Easy to slip into; just as easy to slip off, these kicks are suitable for everyday wear and business meetings alike. In fact, as soon as this writer slipped into a pair, I felt I was in seventh heaven. The upper leather allows for real breathability and the leather boasts a certain softness for ultra-comfort, while the rubber outsole gives strong support to the ankle. It’s the perfect shoe for any occasion. RRP: $250.00. STOCKIST: NOTE: Right now through Ugg Express, Tarramarra shoes are available at exceptional prices, some marked down to just $80.00.


↑ WHAT: In Essence 360 Diffuser. DESCRIPTION: If you’ve used one-directional diffusers in the past, you know it can be annoying that the mist is blowing one way, diffusing the air on a predominant side of the room. But what about behind the diffuser, and to the left and the right of it?

Don’t you want your good essential fragrance to get to these quarters of the room, too? That’s where the In Essence 360 Diffuser is a game-changer, using a three-sixty degree ring to diffuse essential oils in a circular radius so as to increase the reach of the steam.

The 360 features a bespoke charging plate and ambient light to help set the mood you want. Simply place the diffuser on a flat surface and remove its cover (you can use it while it’s charging, just ensure it’s securely attached to the charging plate and is stable). Gently pour tap water to the max level line (about 100ml; the diffuser will not turn on with less than 20ml in the tank). Add a few drops of your favourite In Essence Pure Essential Oil. Replace the cover, press the On button – et voila! – instant refreshed air shared equally around the room thanks to magical ultrasonic wave technology. Runs for up to four hours per full charge. RRP: $189.99. STOCKISTS: Available from Myer, David Jones, Harvey Norman and select electrical stores nationwide. More information at


↑ WHAT: Wiltshire ‘Botanica’ 12-Piece Porcelain Dinner Set. DESCRIPTION: Wiltshire is a brand we once connoted solely with cutlery – namely quality knives. The brand takes its name from Melbourne-born Frederick Munro Wiltshire – manufacturer of the world-famous ‘Staysharp’ blade that assisted in the ‘self-sharpening’ of knives with every use.

Today, the Wiltshire brand has moved way beyond the world of silversmiths and sharp cutlery, and extended into an impressive range of kitchenware – from baking accessories and barbecue tools, to chopping boards and sturdy cookware.

Naturally, Wiltshire is also making its way onto the dinner table, and that’s where these beautiful dinner plates come into the story.

Helping elevate the family dining experience is the ‘Botanica’ collection, featuring abstract illustrations of Australian plant life and making a modern table statement without taking too much attention away from the good meal itself. Each plate is created with a coupe edge that not only looks smooth but makes for easier cleaning.

Wiltshire dinnerware is microwave safe and dishwasher safe, and sturdy so as to last the ages – just like their namesake. And the Botanica collection looks beaut when you mix and match it with other bowls and plates, creating a kind of crockery montage that the pages of Frankie magazine would ache to be filled with!

RRP: $99.00 for the 12-Piece Dinner Set. STOCKISTS: Available from and select retailers including David Jones, Big W, and Spotlight stores nationwide.


↑ WHAT: Traeger Grills Timberline Wood Pellet Grill. DESCRIPTION: The newest addition to the Traeger family has made its way down under, just in time for Christmas lunch and endless summer barbecues. The Timberline Wood Pellet Grill emphasises consistency, convenience and versatility with its advanced technology creating a whole new world of wood-fired flavour and outdoor cooking possibilities. RRP: $6,999.00. STOCKIST: BBQ’s Galore Australia alongside accessories like pellets, rubs, and sauces.


↑ WHAT: SOUNDBOKS GO. DESCRIPTION: SOUNDBOKS GO is designed for easy transport without compromising the quality sound. Created to bring people and families together, amplify community gatherings at concert level sound – both indoor and outdoor, SOUNDBOKS Go will be your GO-to speaker to amplify all of your favourite Christmas carols this year. Look out for Cream‘s full product review, online soon. RRP: $1,099.00. STOCKISTS: SOUNDBOKS Australia (Online Store) or at JB Hi-Fi.

↑ WHAT: EVY Professional E-Styler. DESCRIPTION: Longing for smooth and beautifully hydrated locks, not to mention a salon-perfect look every time you style your hair? We’ve found one of the ‘hottest’ innovations from EVY Professional and the ultimate styling tool for achieving the sleekest styles – the E-STYLER.

The E-STYLER’s extra-long flexible floating plates allow for easier, faster styling, and are equipped with EVY’s patented Mineral Infused Technology, allowing you to lock in hydration for the perfect, enviable salon finish with amazing shine.

The convenient digital display allows for precise temperature control, and the Mineral Infused titanium blade provides a quick heat-up time, holding heat evenly throughout the iron for the best results. The E-STYLER allows you to reach 230°C heat which is perfect for naturally thick, curly or coarse hair or used for in-salon Keratin services, and the intelligent sleep mode means it automatically switches off after 60 mins – perfect for a super busy lifestyle!

Last but not least, Universal Voltage means you’ll be style-ready for that next holiday you’re dreaming of! RRP: $229.00 (with complimentary Limited Edition Zest Thermal Clutch, pictured, valued at $59.95). STOCKISTS: Selected professional hair salons or visit


↑ WHAT: Westward Dominio IV Whiskey Tempranillo Cask, 62.5% Alc/Vol. DESCRIPTION: When is a whiskey a great whiskey? When it’s a Westward.

Seriously, this American single malt whiskey might sound like the title of a whimsical sci-fi series but it’s actually a seriously good spirit, elevating the drinker from those more commonly-known libations.

Recently, Cream had the pleasure of dining with Westward’s Master Distiller, Miles Munroe – who flew out to Oz to spruik his wares, and he taught us three things about this whiskey. Firstly, it’s double-pot distilled, like all good whiskies should be, then aged in charred American oak for three-and-a-half years, resulting in a robust flavour. There’s even a little mingling of the barrels to give the drinker a truly unique tasting experience. Secondly, the makers “brew like a pale ale, distill like a Single Malt, and age like a Bourbon” – an arduous process but one your tastebuds and overall spirit will thank you for later. And thirdly, to truly appreciate a great whiskey, throw aside wanky pretentions and simply drink. Take the just-released Westward Dominio IV Whiskey Tempranillo Cask, sampled at a degustation meal that included deep-fried chicken and mac’n’cheese! The food was a perfect match to the whiskey’s layered flavours of raspberry jubes, plum, Morello cherries and mulberry – suffice to say it was all a berry brilliant taste experience. RRP: $175.00, 700ml. STOCKISTS: Available from Dan Murphy’s and whiskey specialist sites like More information at #DrinkResponsibly


↑ WHAT: Philips PicoPix Max TV. DESCRIPTION: The ultimate projector for Summer outdoor movie nights, look no further than the PicoPix Max TV. The Philips PicoPix Max TV offers a powerful but easy-to-use option to share and supersize your content no matter whether you’re indulging in a movie, TV show or looking to lose yourself in a video game.

Delivering an immersive display, built-in Android TV and 2.1 speakers, the entire family can join in on the fun this Christmas! RRP: $1,499.00. STOCKIST: JB Hi-Fi.

↑ WHAT: Belkin Soundform Immerse Noise Cancelling Earbuds. DESCRIPTION: Give the gift of audio immersion this Christmas, with dual beamforming technology for reducing environmental noise and providing audio clarity on calls with in-built intuitive touch controls in both earbuds allowing users to tap, skip tracks, answer calls and more.

With a battery life of 38 hours, 3 touch-controllable EQ presets for personalised sound and fast USB-C charging, the Immerse earbuds have an in-built IPX5-rated sweat- and water-resistant technology. RRP: $299.95. STOCKISTS: JB Hi-Fi, and other leading retailers across Australia.


↑ WHAT: Koéna Ultimate Hydration Pack. DESCRIPTION: Scientific-based skincare brand, Koéna, is a trusted provider of quality pH-balanced skincare for daily use. This value gift pack includes two 100g tubes of the brand’s famous Dermaceutical Daily Moisturiser – which helps to rehydrate skin prone to dryness, redness, itching or flaking; a Dermaceutical Gentle Cleanser (150ml bottle); and a Dermaceutical Body Lotion (250g). Formulated with four key ingredients that are unique to Koéna (known combined as Resta-Plex®), each of these products helps to bring healthier balance to the skin. Containing a holy grail of ingredients including Glucosamine – known to decrease the appearance of wrinkles; Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) – reputed for helping prevent acne and managing rosacea; and L-Glycine – to reduce the appearance of UV-B induced skin damage and photoaging, the results leave skin cleaner and more supple. Koéna’s Resta-Plex® formula is suitable for all skin types. RRP: $136.80. STOCKIST: Available from

↑ WHAT: We Wander Experience Gift Box. DESCRIPTION: They say good things come in small packages and an experience gift box from We Wander certainly is testament to that! Each little box holds a catalogue of wonderful experiences for the recipient to choose from, ranging from romantic dinners for two to magnificent outdoor bucket-list-type adventures.

Featuring distinctive art from Australian artist Nicole Grimm-Hewitt and designers WilsonPayne, this limited-edition collection is available across all gift boxes and offer a range of amazing and unique Australian lifestyle experiences.

Inside each stylish package there are over 1,300 experiences throughout Australia. Take your pick of a private sunset helicopter tour, V8 hot laps, float sessions, couples’ massages, overnight escapes, golf and winery tours, chocolate-making classes, cocktails at a rooftop bar, stunning dinners and 100’s more that are way out of the norm and high on the wish-list. Not sure what to get them this Christmas? Put this option high on the gift list! RRP: Prices start from $70.00 for a Table for Two Box. STOCKIST: Visit to view all the exciting options.


↑ WHAT: Patrón Silver Tequila Giftpack. DESCRIPTION: As opposed to Gold Tequila, Silver Tequila doesn’t spend any time in oak barrels and so it has a lighter, fresher taste. This not only makes it a perfect ingredient for summer cocktails (¡Hola Margarita!), but it makes for a lovely beverage neat or with just a little ice. Patrón tequila is handcrafted from the finest 100% Weber Blue Agave which is carefully harvested, trimmed, then slowly steam-baked in small brick ovens.

The cooked agave is then crushed, fermented and double-distilled using the time-honoured “tahona” process to lead to a smoother taste.

That’s a heck of a lot of love gone into making one fine tequila. And now it’s available in a giftpack that includes a 700 ml handcut, individually numbered bottle of the good stuff, and handy set of two stainless steel cocktail shaker cups. All that’s left to say, really, is ¡Salud! Oh, and #DrinkResponsibly. RRP: $97.99, 700 ml 40% alc/vol. STOCKISTS: Available at select Dan Murphy’s, BWS and other independent retailers.


↑ WHAT: Wiltshire Petite Petal Plates and Bowls in Sets of 4. DESCRIPTION: These plates and bowls are less delicate than their ‘Petite’ name might suggest. They’re actually very sturdy and will survive the test of criss-crossing hands at the dinner table when antipasto or dessert is served. Each set comes with four different pastel-hued pieces, brightening up any lunch, dinner or high-tea occasion. And the fluted-edge design will help keep those crumbs of cake rolling back into the middle of the plate or bowl – so as you can relish every last bite! Microwave safe. Dishwasher safe. RRP: Petite Petal Plates Set of 4 (20.5cm), $50.00; Petite Petal Bowls Set of 4 (11.5cm x 5cm), $40.00; Petite Petal Heart Bowls Set of 4 (14.5cm x 15.5cm x 5cm), $45.00. STOCKISTS: Available from and select retailers including David Jones, Big W, and Spotlight stores nationwide.


↑ WHAT: Premium Collagen Peptides by The Collagen Co. DESCRIPTION: They say that to achieve wellbeing and quality beauty results you need to go through a certain amount of pain. What they don’t tell you is that the path to beauty and wellbeing can often taste great. Premium Collagen Peptides by The Collagen Co come in the form of great-tasting collagen powders that are formulated for healthier skin, hair, nails, joints and gut.

Each of the brand’s unique powder blends contain three types of collagen peptides, along with Vitamin C to boost absorption, Hyaluronic Acid for moisture retention and Biotin for better cell health.

The powders come in mixed flavours – strawberry/watermelon; passionfruit/mango; mixed berry – and are made from 100% pure grass-fed and pasture-raised bovine: a tailored blend that stimulates three types of collagen. The results are seen in more radiant skin, stronger nail growth, thicker and healthier hair, and better joint and tendon performance. So, who wants to look and feel wonderful while sipping on something that tastes great? RRP: $49.00 for a box of 14 sachets in mixed flavours. STOCKISTS: Available online at and through select retailers Australia-wide.



↑ WHAT: Drinks by The Dram Retro Gin Fridge Set. DESCRIPTION: Whether your loved one is an avid gin drinker or still testing the waters, this quirky gift is sure to impress. A selection of eight gorgeous gins; including fabulous flavours such as smoked rosemary, cherry, strawberry and balsamic, yuzu gin and more. Whether paired with a simple tonic, a garnish or sipped on as is, the gins on display are designed to be enjoyed. RRP: $95.00. STOCKISTS: David Jones (online) and via participating Cellarbrations stores.


↑ WHAT: Drinks by The Dram Whisky Collection. DESCRIPTION: The name says it all – this gift pack contains 12 30ml drams of sensational liquid, from award-winning distilleries to boutique bottlings. The perfect gift for whisky lovers who enjoy exploring different styles and flavours whisky has to offer. Some notable whisky’s include the flavours of Aerolite Lyndsay 10 year Old, Green Isle – Blended Scotch Whisky, Darkness 8 Year Old. RRP: $99.99. STOCKIST: Shorty’s Liquor.


↑ WHAT: Cricut Joy. DESCRIPTION: For the person who loves to organise, create customised thoughtful gifts for others, or personalise everything for themselves and their loved ones, Cricut Joy is the best present to get them this year.

This compact smart cutting machine can write and cut a range of materials – from cardstock, to vinyl, to iron-on, smart label material and so much more!

Using Cricut’s Design Space app on either your desktop or mobile, you have access to hundreds of ready made projects or you can design your own! Organise the pantry, cut decals for your walls, make quick and easy cards, all in minutes. Cricut Joy is truly the gift that keeps giving. Follow what other Cricut users are making on Facebook or Instagram. RRP: $349.00. STOCKISTS: Harvey Norman, Big W, Officeworks and Spotlight.


↑ WHAT: Drinkwell® Butterfly Pet Fountain. DESCRIPTION: A fountain just as unique and charming as its name. The perfect gift for even the most discerning pet, the Drinkwell® Butterfly Pet Fountain by PetSafe® Australia makes sure your pet always has access to fresh, flowing water. With four free-falling water streams encourage your pet to drink regularly, which helps to keep them hydrated and healthy. RRP: $70.99. SPECIAL OFFER: PetSafe® Australia are offering 10% off all their products in time for Christmas. Simply use the code HOLIDAY10 at checkout. Head to now! (*Discount not available on ScoopFree Replacement Trays. Offer ends 15th December, 2022). STOCKIST: Available from


↑ WHAT: Diplomático Mantuano with Reserva Exclusiva Canister Mini Pack. DESCRIPTION: This Diplomático gift pack heroes the Mantuano rum, with its strong notes of dried fruits, wood and vanilla – making it perfect for a silent night cocktail. Together with your bottle of Mantuano, this pack also contains a miniature bottle of Reserva Exclusiva so you don’t have to compromise with just the one. RRP: $75.00. STOCKIST: Available for purchase via BoozeBud.


↑ WHAT: Scent Australia Micro Diffuser. DESCRIPTION: Forget those hippy-looking wooden diffusers you’re used to seeing. Scent Australia create a range of diffusers that look sleek in the modern home while doing an wonderful job at deoderising the air, freshening up rooms, and assisting in healthier breathing. Simply screw in the bottle that contains your preferred oil to the battery-powered Micro Diffuser and press the ‘on’ button to see the unit operating at full strength. Press twice to change the unit to half speed, or a third time to switch the unit off. It is indeed a lot easier than most of those confusing button-fussy devices we’ve tried in the past!

The scenting mechanism itself is minimalist in design and fits anywhere snugly, never overshadowing your decor aesthetic. It’s lightweight, portable, and boasts up to 20 hours of charge time, so you can keep it in the same spot or move it around the home.

Scent Australia also offer an array of diffuser oils to help bring more calm into your life. In fact, the company’s master perfumer is world-famous having created perfumes for Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford and Calvin Klein. And the fragrance quality is unsurpassed, each fragrance containing up to 50 rare ingredients compared to cheap air fresheners that may contain just two. RRP: Micro Diffuser $249.95; Diffuser Oils range from $30.00 to $50.00 each. STOCKIST: Available from


↑ WHAT: Scent Australia Room Spray. DESCRIPTION: If you like to keep your home smelling fresh without the use of diffusers or scented candles, you can always turn to a trusted room spray. Not any old room spray, mind you – it’s got to be something unique like the many room sprays by Scent Australia. There’s a fragrance spray for everyone, from fruity scents that mask pet, food and other unpleasant odours, to magical scents that seem like they’ve come from a Willy Wonka-type factory, our favourite being Patisserie’ which brings to mind glorious fragrances of a French bakery.

Otherwise try one of their many ‘city’ inspired sprays such as ‘Tokyo’ – Pops of fresh apricot with a subtle tone of tobacco – or ‘New York’, with cinnamon, mimosa and leather in the intoxicating mix. The sprays are potent enough for just one spritz from the bottle to turn the room out nicely. RRP: $45.00 each per 50ml bottle. STOCKIST: Available from

↑ WHAT: Rumbie & Co Curls, Simplified. Starter Kits. DESCRIPTION: Did you know that 65% of the world’s population styles their curly hair on the daily, so there’s a real need for curl TLC! Now it’s possible to experience no frizz, no frustration – just pure definition – with the Rumbie & Co Curls, Simplified. Starter Kits for Wavy, Curly, Afro and Straightened hair!

Developed by Rumbie Mutsiwa, Master Curl Speciailst and CEO of Australia’s leading curl specialist salon, Rumbie & Co in Sydney, the Curls.Simplified. Starter Kits are state-of-the-art, dedicated curly hair kits for total curl confidence. Confidence to know how to cleanse, condition, style and treat every single curl on a curly head!

The Rumbie & Co Curls, Simplified. Starter Kits are curl confidence in a bottle that really work like no other. All Rumbie & Co Curls, Simplified. Starter Kits are proudly Australian-made and -owned, natural, silicone-free, sulphate-free, cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, and are hydrophilic – they attract and retain moisture which is crucial to achieve beautiful, smooth, soft, healthy and shiny curls in Wavy, Curly, Afro and Straightened hair.

Add moisture, de-frizz, activate the natural curl pattern, wear curls with confidence and embark on a journey to simplifying a curly hair care regime with Rumbie & Co! RRP: $220.00 to $260.00. STOCKIST: Available from


↑ WHAT: Small Wonder 2021 Portrait Chardonnay. DESCRIPTION: This small-batch 2021 Chardonnay from Tasmania’s Small Wonder has undergone a slow but wild fermentation process, with regular barrel stirring between rest to make magic of yeast and Tamar Valley grapes. Contained in French oak barrels for 9 months before being barrel-picked and blended into this top cuvee. No random affair, it seems they got the pick of the barrels to create this darn good drop. Think a hot Summer on the front porch, the occasional crack of lightning and scent of wet grass if we really get all gangGAJANG about it. It should become a modern Australian classic this. RRP: $45.00 for a 750ml bottle, 12.3% alcohol. STOCKIST: Available at #DrinkResponsibly


↑ WHAT: Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band Cufflinks. DESCRIPTION: Whether they’re a Beatles fan or otherwise (and who isn’t?), these gorgeous cufflinks will spruce up any ol’ tux or dinner shirt. Made of sturdy stainless steel and stamped with the ‘drum logo’ from The Beatles infamous Sgt Pepper’s album art, sit back and let the evening go in cool psychedelic style. RRP: $22.00. STOCKIST: Found on Etsy.


↑ WHAT: The Pop Shop Striped Linen Placemats. DESCRIPTION: These colourful placemats are a welcome addition to brighten up any dinner table this Summer. Made of 100% linen, they’re durable, machine washable or hand washable. Material: 100% linen. Size: 42cm 32cm each. RRP: $35.80 for a set of four. STOCKIST: Available at


↑ WHAT: Andy Warhol Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, Ceramic Mug. DESCRIPTION: The biggest news of 2021 was the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, Monarch of the Commonwealth. In all her seven-year reign, Elizabeth displayed purpose, poise and grace, be it times both great and dire. It makes sense, then, to pay tribute to her during the occasional morning coffee. Capacity: 330mls. Microwave safe. Dishwasher safe. RRP: $28.95, includes shipping plus bonus 1.5cm button/brooch featuring the same portrait design by pop artist Andy Warhol. STOCKIST: Available from

WHAT: Truff Spicy Lovers Pack. DESCRIPTION: For the thrill-seekers, this spicy lovers bundle is guaranteed to match that summer heat this Christmas day. The pack features Truff’s HOTTER Hot Sauce, Spicy Arrabbiata Pasta Sauce and White HOTTER Hot Sauce – this gift is sure to be the hottest one your loved ones will pull out of their stocking. RRP: $118.95. STOCKISTS: Available through Truff’s online or via David Jones.


↑ WHAT: Vit Kit Skin Pack. DESCRIPTION: Australia’s leading natural health retailer, Mr Vitamins has released your new go-to guide to picking the supplements fit for you and your loved ones this Xmas. Enjoy this all-natural daily boost of vitamins and minerals caringly curated by our team of qualified naturopaths and nutritionists to help elevate your complexion from the inside out.

Featuring a trio of collagen support supplements, the Vit Kit Skin bundle is designed to give you an all-natural daily boost of vitamins and minerals to help improve the appearance and vitality of your skin, hair, and nails.

Vit Kit Skin helps elevate your complexion from the inside out, with supplements to aid the vitality of your skin, hair and nails. RRP: $89.00 for a pack containing new Nordic Skin Care Collagen Filler (60T); Renovatio APSKIN Skin Remedy (30T); and Nature’s Sunshine Horsetail (100C). STOCKISTS: Mr Vitamins online and via select wellbeing outlets.


↑ WHAT: Paper Daisies by Jadorne Notebook. DESCRIPTION: Part of ‘The Wax Flower Collection’ of fine stationery and giftwrapping, this A5-size notebook depicts a beautiful Western Australian native floral design that has been printed on 100% recycled paper using eco-friendly inks to give overall clarity and brightness. All proceeds from the sale of products in this range are being donated to aid brain cancer research. RRP: $18.00. STOCKIST:



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