Introducing a nifty gift card that the recipient can swap for even niftier gift cards

Buying someone a gift card for Christmas is meant to take the fuss out of shopping, but choosing which gift card to get for your BFF/significant other/beloved family member can become as much of a chore as shopping itself.

So… what if you could buy someone a gift card or – even easier – an e-gift card, that they could then swap for their own desired one?

That’s what Prezzee allows you to do.

A smart eGift Card from Prezzee allows the recipient to exchange it for one or more other gift cards from a selection of great retailers.

The shopper simply purchases a digital gift card to a value of between $5 and $2,000 and this is then sent to the email address of the recipient who can go onto the Prezzee site to swap the generic card for one or more trusted retail brands.

The sender can even personalise the gift-giving experiencing by sending a short video to the recipient. But of course that would mean more work…

Retail brands with cards ready to be swapped for include David Jones, Myer, The Iconic, Coles, Dymocks, Amazon, Netflix, Rebel Sports, Hoyts, Bunnings, K-Mart, eBay and a whole lot more.

While some of the retailers allow the recipient to use their card for online purchases, others – such as Coles – only allow you to use it instore.

So, if you haven’t done your shopping through perusing our trusty Christmas Gift Guide this year, or just can’t be bothered going into a store yourself, get that special someone a Prezzee e-Gift Card and let them make the more important choices.

And who doesn’t love a gift card for Chrissy, eh?

Antonino Tati


For more information or to purchase e-Gift Cards visit

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