Stuck for ideas for a last-minute Chrissy gift? Go affordable posh with Godiva chocolates

There’s something about Godiva chocolates that makes you think of decadence. Aside from the fact that the world’s most famous Belgian chocolatier makes some of the best chocolates in existence, the name alone connotes boldness and beauty.

Lest we forget it was Lady Godiva who rode naked – covered only in her long hair – through the streets of Coventry, England, doing a deal with her wealthy husband to stop imposing taxes on his tenants. A bold and decadent move, yes, but also charitable. The Lady still features as the brand’s logo.

Speaking of giving, if you’re going to give chocolates to a friend or loved one this Christmas, you may as well make it the best.

Godiva offer gourmet chocolates in tantalising flavours and interesting textures, all presented in Christmas-shaped ornaments that are perfect for hanging on the tree. But who are we kidding? Half those little boxes are going to be ripped open and their contents indulged in a matter of seconds, we’re sure.

For something more posh, a Godiva Luxury Box dressed in red fabric is ideal, containing a selection of chocolates, from white to dark, all beautifully laid out and the box wound in ribbon.

And for the perfect Kris Kringle, there’s the box of assorted chocolate domes, with Godiva chocolate layered between light crispy wafer, coconut, finely crushed nuts, and other delicious ingredients.

Godiva chocolate boxes are priced from $6.90 to $219, and are available from David Jones, select supermarkets, and Godiva stores across the country.

Antonino Tati

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