Pedophile cardinal George Pell has died: may he burn in hell

Pedophile George Pell has died, aged 81.

Pell was a cardinal for the Catholic Church and former Vatican official – high enough up the dodgy ladder to have been acquitted in 2020 of sexual abuse accusations even though evidence from affected victims mounted.

Pell died yesterday, apparently from heart complications following recent hip surgery.

Fuckstick ex-Prime Minister of Australia, Tony Abbott – who must have his head up his own arse – commented that Pell was “a very pastoral priest”, “great leader” and “a saint for our times.” Perhaps Abbott was in on Pell’s pedo crimes; I’m not sure.

May the fucking pedophile burn in hell.

He doesn’t deserve any more column inches from here on.

Michael Mastess

2 Responses to “Pedophile cardinal George Pell has died: may he burn in hell”

  1. Fabian

    Fuck you george pell
    I was abused by o won’t.say Father however that’s what he called himself father bongourno
    St Ambrose brunswick


  2. Pops

    Very good article 👍. All decent people totally agree with all your comments about the pell to burn in fucking HELL. for Eternity !!!



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