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Comedy review: ‘Hot English Mustard’ serves up plenty of spicy humour

It was a small, cozy environment at Cheeky Sparrow’s mezzanine bar as Christian Elderfield entered the stage with a charismatic smile.

The bar was packed mainly with women – because Christian is quite the spunk. But there was one man in the crowd, tough enough to be at a show called ‘Hot English Mustard’ hosted by model-come-comedian Elderfield.

As we all settle into our seats, the jokes from Elderfield are already rolling in. He mainly pokes fun at relationships, fast dating, life in the UK, and life as a backpacker – along with all the travel and, er, sex parties that come with that.

Elderfield has a unique take on the seedier side of adult life. His brand of comedy is usually on the raunchier side and while this might not be for everybody, still those in the crowd who blushed lots couldn’t help but laugh.

At one point during the show, he singled me out for a bit of banter. I’m not sure why but I often get picked on by comedians – it could be because of my constant laughter, or a comment I’ve made, forgetting that I was actually saying it out loud.

It can be tough for a stand-up comedian if people don’t know your comedy style, but the crowd at Christian’s gig laughed along for the most part, even when the jokes bordered on the uncomfortable. I do believe some of his jokes could have been retooled, perhaps tailored to a more ‘local’ flavour for the Perth market. Nonetheless, Christian Elderfield knows how to take his audience out of their comfort zone and put them just as quickly back into it as the punchline of one joke reels while he’s delving into the next spicy anecdote.


Mango Adonis

‘Hot English Mustard’ was a part of Fringe World Festival 2023 in Perth.

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