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10 Beauty Must-Haves To See You Through Autumn

When it comes to beauty upkeep, there oughtn’t be any more pandemic excuses. No more “I don’t wash my hair much since I stay in half the time” excuses. No “Who do I have to impress?” cop-outs.

This Autumn, it’s goodbye to public image free-fall, hello to taking care of Yourself again.

Just in time for the new season, Cream presents 10 of our favourite beauty items, most of these fairly easy to use at home before stepping out into the big, busy world again.

Products compiled by Lisa Andrews & Antonino Tati



Clarins Gentle Foaming Soothing Cleanser

Formulated for dry or sensitive skin, but good for all skin types, really, this rinse-off cleanser contains plant extracts that help soothe the skin and prevent tightness. Ingredients include natural antioxidant, moringa oleifera seed extract; chamomile – which helps to tighten pores; and saponaria extract – which prevents loss of moisture. Applied morning and night, your skin will easily get used to feeling clean, soft and well protected. If you are fanatic about Clarins like we are, you’ll be sure to follow this cleanse with a dab of Clarins Beauty Flash – it always works to liven up the face!

Ease of application: ★★★★1/2

Available to purchase online at www.clarins.com.au RRP $47.00, for 125ml.


mesoestetic micellar biphasic cleansing solution

Remove makeup in one easy step with mesoestetic’s rather miraculous (we think) micellar biphasic cleansing solution. While wax-based formulas often found in heavy mascaras and lipsticks can be difficult to eliminate, they can easily be removed with micellar biphasic, which combines an oil phase rich in omega 6, and an aqueous phase that, unlike other biphasic make-up removers, contains micelles. Micelles are tiny structures that work rather like magnets in encapsulating dirt, makeup and impurities, trapping these inside and seeing them removed with each cleanse. While the name might seem familiar, keep in mind that micellar biphasic is not a micellar water. Instead, it is a comprehensive product specifically developed for the sensitive eye and lip area of the face, with excellent skin tolerance and glowing results.

Ease of application: ★★★★★

Available to purchase online at www.mesoestetic.com RRP $98.00 for 150ml.



Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist

Jurlique is famous for its signature face mists, designed to prep and hydrate your skin to be ready for the next steps in your beauty routine. Or, be like us and carry it in your handbag or manbag as a constant refresher on the go. The Rosewater Balancing Mist is lightweight but very effective in its calming qualities, instantly hydrating and refreshing the face, even over makeup. Use after cleansing as part of your daily skincare ritual for instant hydration, or carry it in your bag for frequent use throughout the day. Lightly mist onto face or spritz it into clean hands and gently press onto the skin. The thing we love most about this mist is its subtle floral fragrance, always leaving you with a lovely scent of lavender and rose.

In fact, Jurlique Rose has been shown to improve the skin’s barrier function, helping to retain essential moisture levels and leaving a dewy, smooth and radiant appearance.

Ease of application: ★★★★★

Available to purchase online at www.jurlique.com/au RRP $53.00 for 100ml.



New Zealand Glacial Clay Mud Masque

A mineral-rich healing green clay formed through the combination of ancient volcanic ash and fresh glacial water at the foothills of the Southern Alps, New Zealand, over three million years ago and amongst the purest in the world. This incredible mud masque detoxifies and revitalises the skin in just 15 minutes, helps stimulate cell renewal and collagen production while cleaning and tightening pores, leaving an improved complexion and more even skin tone. It is also beneficial in reducing stretch marks, scars and signs of premature aging. Provides for 20-30 face treatments per jar. Plus, it’s not tested on our furry friends, which is always good news.

Ease of application: ★★★1/2

Available to purchase online at www.nzglacialclay.com RRP $59.99 for 100gm.



mesoestetic Age Element Anti-wrinkle Trio

We swear by the mesoestetic range and if ever our beauty regime is requiring a reboot, this is what we consider ground zero. Besides a plethora of marvellous maintenance products, the mesoestetic anti-wrinkle range is imperative in keeping fine lines and wrinkles at bay.

The Age Element Anti-wrinkle Concentrate treats marked wrinkles by stimulating the production of endogenous collagen in the skin. It’s a formula enriched with hyaluronic acid that helps fill expression, restoring skin to a more youthful appearance. Simply apply 3-4 drops on clean, dry skin twice daily. Magic!

The Age Element Anti-wrinkle Eye Contour not only assists in treating wrinkles, it helps smoothen the marked signs of fatigue, such as puffy under-eye circles. As soon as it is applied you’ll feel a cooling effect that enhances the anti-wrinkle effect, and with regular use, you’ll see a noticeable difference in the appearance of your skin (suitable for all skin types). Apply after the serum and before the treatment cream.

Finally, the Age Element Anti-Wrinkle Cream is a daily corrective cream with a miraculous Botox-like effect. Active ingredients including the trickily named acetyl hexapeptide-1 help smoothen wrinkles, with results very soon visible.

And if you’re wanting to simplify your beauty regime, remember to simply apply each of these treatments in alphabetical order: Concentrate, Contour & Cream!

The key feature of mesoestetic products is that results are seen sooner than later, so if you haven’t got the patience to see improvement in your skin, this is the trio to turn to.

Ease of application: ★★★★1/2

Available to purchase online at www.mesoestetic.com RRPs: Age Element Anti-wrinkle Concentrate $179.00 for 30ml; The Age Element Anti-wrinkle Eye Contour $129.00 for 15ml; Age Element Anti-Wrinkle Cream $169.00 for 50ml.

Wrinkles Schminkles Chest Wrinkle Patch

Wrinkles Schminkles products are made from natural ingredients and ready to be applied straight from the sachet. The chest pad, for example, is a wrinkle treatment that works by comfortably hugging the décolleté while preventing delicate skin on the chest from being able to crease or wrinkle. At the same time, the décolleté pad supports the skin’s natural ability to hydrate the skin, retain moisture, stimulate blood flow and help boost collagen production. Ideally worn while you sleep, the anti-wrinkle pads are made of 100% medical grade silicone. These peels work like those in an actual clinic but can be carried out at home in minutes or overnight. Magic!

Ease of application: ★★★1/2

Available to purchase online at www.wrinklesschminkles.com.au RRP $125.00 for 3 patches.


Ethique Pinkalicious Shampoo Bar

Smells like pink grapefruit and vanilla, this organic shampoo bar is a good, eco-friendly replacement to the usual shampoo that comes in bottles. Added ingredients of coconut and cacao also smell delicious scent and help keep your hair shining and strong. Each of Ethique’s shampoo bars is highly concentrated – designed to last three to six times longer than bottled alternatives. In fact, the company insists on following four criteria for every ingredient used: they mustn’t have any health risks associated with their use; they must be sustainably produced and biodegradable; be plant-based and cruelty-free; and free from palm oil. So you can feel good keeping clean.

Ease of application: ★★★★1/2

Available to purchase online at www.ethique.com.au. Prices vary.


Coverluxesilk Lighten Luxe Heat Activated Hair

This unique hair lightening product boasts an innovative formula that includes a blend of natural ingredients, each containing hydrating and/or lightening properties. Vitamins E, C, B12 and K that work together to gently lighten hair whilst protecting and nourishing it. And don’t get us started on the other delicious ingredients within: pineapple, chamomile, cinnamon, avocado, coconut… the list goes on.

Easy to use on damp hair, simply shake the bottle and spritz the mist onto areas of your hair that require attention. Comb through to even out highlights, then chill out under the sun for 45 minutes or so. And don’t worry if there’s not a lot of sun this season, you can always sleep with Lighten Luxe in your hair to maximise results. One hundred per cent Australian-made, there are no synthetic fragrances nor artificial colours and Lighten Luxe is vegan-friendly, alcohol-free, sulphate-free, paraben-free, and silicone-free. They tick all the right boxes, in fact.

Ease of application: ★★★★★

Available to purchase online at www.coverluxesilk.com RRP $58.95 for 125ml.

↑ Rumbie & Co Curls Simplified Starter Kit

If curls are where your hair is at, you can’t go past the Rumbie & Co Curls, Simplified Starter Kit, which is great for peeps with wavy, curly or afro hair, and even suitable for folks with straightened hair! Products work to to cleanse, condition, style and add moisture, all the while activating the natural curl pattern. The best part is Rumbie & Co Curls, Simplified. Starter Kits are proudly all-natural, Australian-made and owned, silicone-free, sulphate-free, cruelty-free, vegan-friendly and hydrophilic. Magic in a bottle.

Ease of application: ★★★★1/2

Available from www.rumbie.co RRP $220.00 to $260.00.

Coverluxesilk Lash Luxe Advanced Eyelash Growth Serum

If you’re looking to pump up your lashes, you’re looking at the right product here. Lash Luxe is a gentle formulation of natural ingredients that have been dermatologically tested and proven to increase eyelash length, thickness and overall strength. Its cutting-edge formula compounds a blend of Organic Plant Extracts, Peptides, Biotin, and Pro-Vitamins (including B5 and E) that combine to produce evident lash growth results.

A little tricky to get the hang of at first, you’ll be a whiz at application in no time.

Brush out your lashes to remove any debris, using the free silicone lash wand included in the pack; delicately apply a layer of lash luxe on the upper lash line, focusing on reaching the roots; then look down for one minute to allow the serum to dry fully. Repeat the process deaily for a recommended period of at least two months and you’ll be loving your new, long, luscious lashes.

Ease of application: ★★★1/2

Available to purchase online at www.coverluxesilk.com RRP $68.95 for 3ml.

Tip: Make the most of The It Girl Kit Bundle from Coverluxesilk which includes the Lighten Luxe™ Heat Activated Hair and Lash Luxe Advanced Eyelash Growth Serum, plus 100% pure silk pillow case, all for just $169.95.


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