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Only Camilla could make Mickey Mouse look this cool…

When you think of Disney, you don’t exactly think haute fashion but having seen the latest collection by Camilla, Disney just gotten all cred-style in our books.

A love note to Mickey and Minnie Mouse – and in celebration of Disney’s 100 year anniversary – Camilla has created a glorious capsule of clothing for women and men (and yes, kids): a collection that channels childlike awe and that goes all-out on the detail.

Featured are free-flowing dress silhouettes, cheeky minis, classic kaftans and epic bomber jackets: all adding up to one very colorful wardrobe.

There are also some monochrome pieces that veer more into the illustration territory, and some classic comic-strip looks.

Not for the faint-at-heart but definitely for the kid-at-heart, check out the fantastical collection at au.camilla.com.

Antonino Tati


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