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Kate Bush “shocked” to be inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; Missy Elliott the first female hip-hop artist to be inducted

Kate Bush had quite a successful moment last year when her song Running Up That Hill enjoyed revived appreciation after appearing in episodes of season four of Stranger Things. It seemed every second Facebook post was a story from someone about what that song meant to them.

Still, she says she is surprised in fact “completely shocked” that she is being included in this year’s round of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s inductees.

Alongside George Michael, Willie Nelson, Sheryl Crow and Missy Elliott, Bush is being recognised for her lengthy discography and influence in popular music.

“It’s something I just never thought would happen,” the artist told Rolling Stone magazine. “Thank you so much to everyone who voted for me…. Now, as part of the initiation ceremony, I get to find out about the secret handshake … There is one, right?”

Bush had been nominated three times before but has only now made the final round.

Also a first in this year’s list of inductees is Missy Elliott who has become the first female hip-hop artist to be inducted into the Rock and Rock Hall of Fame.

Elliott has been described as “a true path breaker in a male-dominated genre” and took to social media to say this moment was “huge not for just me but all my sisters in hip hop”.

The Hall of Fame induction ceremony will take place in November and will coincide with two music anniversaries: the 90th birthday of inductee Willie Nelson and the 50th anniversary of hip-hop.

Now there’s music variety for you.

Antonino Tati


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