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Aeroplane Jelly now available as milk drinks!

We’re used to seeing our favourite chocolate bars turned into delicious milk flavours, such as Violet Crumble, Snickers and Twix, but who would have thought that staple of our childhood – humble Aeroplane jelly – could be turned into a milky delight?

The brand that had us singing “I love Aeroplane jellyyyy… Aeroplane Jelly for meeee!!!” as kids finally has something new for us to sing about: Raspberry, Lemon and Mango milk drinks!

These new concoctions might not wobble but you’ll still be able to recognise those fab familiar flavours.

The Raspberry flavour is sweet and fruity, just like the jelly; the Lemon has a citrus-y cheesecake-y taste to it; and the Mango gives your tastebuds a tropical boost.

Aeroplane Jelly Milks are available exclusively from Woolworths, RRP $4.50 per 500ml bottle.

Now, if we could just get that relentless jingle out of our head…

Antonino Tati


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