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Get your uggies out for a good cause…

‘Wear Your Uggs Day’ is on the 1st of June and for this year’s campaign, the shoe and accessory brand Ugg Express has partnered with the national Christian charity Mission Australia to aid them in ssupporting those who experience homelessness in Australia.
The third instalment of Wear Your Uggs Day gives punters yet again a great excuse to don their comfy ugg boots to work, school or at home on the first day of winter while supporting an important cause.
When purchasing a pair of ugg boots during the month of May from Ugg Express’ collection, 10% of the sales will be donated to Mission Australia.
In addition, on the 1st of June there will be a one-for-one donation system put into place, where for every pair of uggs sold on that day, Ugg Express will donate a pair of boots to Mission Australia to be given to a person experiencing homelessness.
In the recent Census 2021 data released by the ABS, it was noted that there are more than 122,000 people who are homeless in Australia and that homelessness across the nation has risen by 5.2% between 2016 and 2021. Even worse, this data was collected before the current cost of living and housing crisis, which is pushing many into homelessness and is anticipated to result in an even greater need for support nationwide.
So put your right foot forward and slip it into an ugg boot for a good cause.
For more information visit uggexpress.com.au.

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