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See your beauty regime morph into something miraculous… thanks to the Omorfi Skin Care range

When beauty technician Ang Domagala was managing her own salon, she sensed the beauty industry was missing a range of skincare that was simple to apply, sleek in packaging, and crammed with superior ingredients that actually worked.

During the pandemic, Ang put her thinking cap on and – backed by science and ten years’ experience – created the Omorfi Active Skin Care range: high-end face care products at prices designed for all.

Soon enough, products were flying off the shelves and Ang was receiving direct messages from customers at midnight, exclaiming how happy they were that her products actually worked.

I myself decided to put the hype to the test and asked Ang to curate a handful of products from the Omorfi range that might suit my combination skin. I’m 53, do not have many problems but for some smile wrinkles around the eyes, a little puffiness under my peepers on early mornings, and a bit of oiliness on the forehead at the end of the day.

I was presented with four key products: a Salicylic Acid Face Wash; a Botanical Exfoliating Face Polish; a Botanical Skin Lifting Clay Mask; and a Skin Correcting Niacinamide Formula to finish off my regime.

The face wash is a lightly foaming gel requiring only a dab to fully cleanse my face, with suds easily washed away in warm water. At close inspection of the ingredients it contains 2% salicylic acid – an oil-soluble ingredient that makes helps penetrate and unclog pores. My face was left feeling fresh and with a certain glow.

Next step: the Botanical Exfoliating Face Polish. This wonderful scrub has the texture of oatmeal with the sensation of absolute science! It’s got to be my favourite product of all the Omorfi range tried so far. Packed with AHA and BHA ingredients, along with tropical vitamins and fruit extracts, you can actually feel a subtle tingle as the purifying agents do their work. After rinsing, my skin was left feeling hydrated and very smooth.

Once a week, I’d use the Botanical Skin Lifting Mask – easy to apply (compared to other messier masks I’ve tried from the posh brands) and easy to remove with warm water (even easier in the shower). The mask left my face feeling neutral in the moisture department – which I love. Other masks have left my face feeling too dry or, worse still, greasy.

The final step in my new beauty regime is the Skin Correcting Niacinamide Formula. Because of its very serious-sounding name I went easy on this product, applying only a dab of it across my forehead, cheeks and neck. Less of a moisturiser and more of an overall fixer-upper, after two weeks of use of the formula I did indeed notice clearer skin.

Overall, I’ve got to say, these are some of the easiest products I’ve used in an at-home beauty regime, and the results were impressive.

Ang suggests that as well as sticking to a regular regime like this, if you keep drinking plenty of water, eat fresh fruit and veg, and get a little exercise every day, you’ll feel and see the difference yourself.

Tens across the board from me.

Antonino Tati


Omorfi The Skin Clearing Salicylic Face Wash ($49)
Omorfi Botanical Exfoliating Face Polish ($40)
Omorfi Botanical Skin Lifting Mask ($69)
Omorfi Skin Correcting Niacinamide Formula ($59)

All products available at www.omorfi.com.au.

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