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How Alyssa Milano might draw a rather glamorous crowd to this year’s Supanova Comic-Con

Supanova Comic Con & Gaming turns 21 this year, drawing a host of excellent guests to the Perth Convention Centre – hailing from the worlds of fantasy TV, sci-fi film, graphic novels, comics, gaming, and more.

Taking place over the weekend of June 24-25, there’ll be meet and greet opportunities aplenty, awe-inspiring panel discussions, cosplay action and, of course, merchant stalls galore.

Guests this year include Tyler Hoechlin (of Superman & Lois and Teen Wolf fame), Elizabeth Tulloch (also Superman & Lois, and Grimm), Michelle Gomez (Doctor Who and Doom Patrol), Steven Bauer (Better Call Saul), Barry Pearl (going waaaay back now; he was a T-Bird in the original Grease!), Supanova regular John Jarrat (Wolf Creek), and plenty of other great actors, artists and directors.

But we’re most excited to learn that (roll the drums, please) actress Alyssa Milano will be heading our way for the event, to headline an exclusive Q&A panel, as well as providing photo and autograph opportunities with fans.

Milano has spent most of her life in the public eye, her first major role being that of Samantha Micelli in Who’s The Boss, then moving into a more mature part as Jennifer Mancini in Melrose Place, then going on to big-time stardom as Phoebe Halliwell in Charmed. Milano has also appeared in over 20 films including Fear, Kiss The Bride and recent Netflix feature Brazen, and she has even produced her own indie film, My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend.

An avid activist on the #MeToo front, Milano is also author of the memoir ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ and host of the podcast of the same name – one in which she has interviewed everybody from Joe Biden to Ted Cruz, and that’s just on the political spectrum.

Suffice to say, while a fraction of Milano’s work is of a fantastical bent (namely the supernatural series Charmed), folks might be more used to seeing Alyssa on a panel judging Project Runway rather than one at a comic-con. But that’s testament to this woman’s diversity.

Milano may even draw a more ‘fashionista’ crowd to this year’s Supanova event. And we’re not just talking about punters upping the ante in their cosplay.

Book your tickets to Supanova Comic-Con 2023 here.

Antonino Tati


Supanova is on the weekend of June 24-25 at the Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre.


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