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4 Responses to “Contact”

  1. R. Tabra

    Your service really is bad. I can’t believe that you are still in business. I will do everything to make sure you get in trouble


  2. Danny Wells

    Hey, would you be interested in monetizing your web site? We are building links for a client of ours and prepared to offer you good money for a simple link insertion.

    If you are new to this business, we can explain everything in more detail. If you know what we are talking about just name your price. Our preferred payment method is PayPal.



    • creammagazine

      Hi Danny. Please get in touch with me directly: antonino@pobox.com

      I can help you with any queries you may have about link insertions. Our fee is very reasonable at $45 per link within a post.

      Best regards,

      Antonino Tati
      Editor, Cream Magazine


  3. Liv Veal


    I wanted to send you a quick note: I’m on creammagazine.com and would like to point out some changes I had in mind that could help drive more traffic, as well as convert more visitors into customers.

    For the record, I work with several regarded consultants who would be more than glad to showcase numerous success stories, as well as discuss how your site could be generating 15%-120% more leads, and resulting clients.

    If more visitors/customers is what you’d like, just reply, and I’ll have my consultants reach you on your direct line .

    All the best.

    Liv V.



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