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Greg Fleet: The Life Side of Funny

Greg Fleet cream magazine @2x

If you are a fan of Australian comedy, Greg Fleet is a name, or at least a face, you’ll recognise. While no stranger to television, it is live performance that has forged his reputation. Having charmed audiences with his shaggy-dog-style of comedy for over two decades, Fleet is back at it again with his new show, We Are Idiots, at Perth’s Fringe World.

With his latest effort, Fleet demonstrates just why he is one of the best in the business. Performing a sort of comedic sleight of hand, he manages to slip hard-won insights into his trademark tomfoolery right under our noses. It is an approach that never fails to see the funny side of life, even in its darkest moments (family dysfunction, drug addiction, racism), but is also mindful of some times buffeting the buffoonery with the hard edge of reality. For the stuff of real life is detectable in every stray observation, silly voice, and sarcastic remark. This is comedy that draws audiences in with its own disarming, battle-scarred humanity.

Coming out of the show, there were plenty of smiles beaming from faces, but I suspect there was some thinking going on, too. At a time when being serious is treated with suspicion, Greg Fleet reminds us that serious can also be seriously funny.  Chris Prindiville


Greg Fleet’s ‘We Are Idiots’ stand-up show is on as part of Perth’s Fringe World until February 11.

For tickets visit www.fringeworld.com.au.

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