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A Year For Yearning: 6 Luxurious Ways to Spend Your Holiday Period

Finding new and novel ways to unwind can be an important way to motivate yourself throughout the year. Finding the perfect way to unwind in a luxurious, stress-free surrounding can be harder than it sounds, particularly if you don’t have the time to do in-depth research.

The following 6 ideas are offered in the spirit of giving you the most relaxing, luxe holiday imaginable – no matter your situation or your budget.


Glam It Up

Camping has been a time-honoured way for many families to spend their holiday. Memories of quaint fires, insect bites and erstwhile singalongs provide the somewhat old-fashioned set of ideas of what a camping holiday should or should not be.

In 2018, the days of drop-toilets and going shower free have long passed. Basic camping has given way to the rise of glamping, and the luxury of easily replicated civic conveniences. Tents can now be prepared, furnished, or even hired to resemble modern hotel rooms, with the same pastoral splendour of days passed.


Seize The Seas

If you’ve ever dreamed of taking off for a better life atop the seas, there’s no better time than now. Single and multi-hulled catamarans are an excellent way to traverse the water, with a focus on stability, comfort and safety (see here for a wide array of catamarans for sale).

One of the benefits of travelling via boat is the ability to moor wherever there is a facility. The nautical life offers you the freedom to create a holiday which suits your desires – whatever, and whenever they may occur.


Staycation Elation

When you’re wanting to experience the relaxation and luxury of a holiday, but you have neither the time or the funds to do so, consider a ‘staycation’.

A staycation is a holiday you take at home. Think of it as a way to embrace all that is relaxing at luxurious about a holiday in your own home. Whether your idea of luxe is a spa, a massage, or a day without cleaning, organise your time (and your family) in a way that embraces a slower, more deliberate pace.

Embrace the experiences available in your own city, and attempt to see your hometown the way a tourist does. Experience public art, performance and cuisine without bringing in your everyday rituals and drudgery. It might just change the way you experience your city forever.


Live Like A Local

The proliferation of websites such as Airbnb has enabled a new type of tourism to emerge centred on local experience. Using decentralised homes and spare rooms, you can now stay in far flung locations without being condemned to the usual tourist ghettos.

By renting an entire apartment, you can experience a city in the way that locals do – moving about, cooking, and habituating a space at a pace which suits your own needs. The variety of homes on offer means that there’s a style, a price and a location which fulfils your constraints.


Stretch Your Dollars

Those on the search for the most luxurious holiday often make the same conclusion – it’s much easier to create an out-of-this-world experience when your dollars stretch further.

Look to luxurious locations in Eastern Europe and South East Asia, such as Poland, Estonia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand, where you’re almost guaranteed a five-star stay at prices which you have to see to believe. The climate and the level of hospitality offered in these locations is often unable to be matched at places closer to home, while also offering a unique cultural experience.


Local Yokel

If you’re unable to commit to a longer period of time to take holidays, consider staying closer to home. A weekend getaway in a nearby city or town can offer you all the luxuries of a longer trip, without the need for a multi day commute or a several thousand dollar commitment.

Find a location nearby which has facilities relevant to your interests. For example, if you’re a keen cyclist, find a location with adequate tracks and facilities which will enable you to enjoy your leisure. If you’re more interested in mineral spas and sweat-free relaxation, there’s bound to be a nearby place which caters to your desires.


Holiday periods are a time to enjoy life, appreciate your surroundings, and recharge for the time ahead. With a small amount of forethought (and some rudimentary planning) you can create the most stress-free and relaxing holiday yet, without the need for a travel agent. Bon voyage!


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