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Shabby Into Chic: 6 Tips For Dressing Up a Drab Space


Boring spaces in our homes and workplaces are an unfortunate fact of life. Sometimes, we’ll move into a new home and discovered that the living room isn’t anything like what we wanted, or our bedroom is dark and a little cramped, or the kitchen is uninspiring. These times are always a bit of a letdown, but where many people will give up on what they’re after as far as aesthetic and look goes, you don’t have to.

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When it comes to dressing up a drab space, there are many options for you to pursue to your heart’s content, or until your room is as stylish as you wanted it to look. These range from simple things like rearranging to more radical things like repainting, but all are within your grasp and all are doable in an immediate timeframe.

Read on through these six tips for dressing up a drab space and be prepared to do some interior design work.



The first thing to look at is the fixtures that came with the space. Do the curtains suit the room? Sometimes, you find a large living with big windows only to discover they have Venetian blinds installed instead of fabric curtains. This can give the whole space more of an office vibe than you might want.

Custom made window blinds are your friends in this scenario, and they can turn even the ugliest  of window spaces into a canvas upon which you can paint your masterpiece. Get a set of good, stylish curtains and watch the feel of the place visible shift as soon as they’re installed.



Furniture is the next hurdle to leap over on the relay race to a better visual vibe. What kind of furniture will suit this space? What style of that kind of furniture is good for your areas requirements? If you have a very modern feel to your space, would you then go and get 70’s style furniture for it? No, you’d go get modern furniture for it, and your choice of modern for a modern space would pay off in visual synchronicity every time you entered the room. Play to the strengths of the space with your furniture choice.



Ok, so you’re got the furniture in place and the curtains hanging gracefully from the railings, now it’s time to do a little bit of decorating. The decor you choose to go with can be anything you want, but you have to know what kind of feel you want the place to have before you start decorating.

If it’s a home environment, you need to decide if it will be cool and minimalist or warm and cosy, as the decor for these two setups are very different. Warmer and cosier is less professional and cold, more cluttered, more blankets and pillows on couches and framed photographs. More warm, yellow-red light colours and food smells. A minimalist colour scheme is more blue and green hues, a lot of ordered but empty spaces, perfume or air freshener scents.



Painting the area could seem extreme to some, but a coat of paint is more transformative than many people think is possible. Take bland, white walls and make them a slightly warmer cream and the space takes on a different feel.

Go for a bold, blue feature wall and it takes on a different vibe again. Each time you change the colour, the space will shift noticeably, so painting is a real and recommended option. If you don’t own the space, remember to get the landlord’s written approval before laying down a coat of paint.



The amount of natural light in a place has an affect on the aesthetic, and the colour of the artificial light is also hugely important. Think of an office space and you likely think of harsh lights, fluorescent lights, and white or blue light. Home, as previously mentioned, has more gentle hues, yellows and reds and light pinks, warm tones to make you feel comfortable. If your space needs more warmth and comfort, try getting a different kind of lightbulb that will remove the harsh white light aspect of the room.


Use of Space

The final thing we can recommend to change up a drab space is the use of the space. There are many companies like IKEA that have multi-leveled furniture for sale which can make use of more vertical space than would otherwise be used. Your bed could be up by the ceiling while under it in the same sized space is a desk, and all of a sudden your room is twice the size.


With these tips, your drab space is transformed and remade into a cosier, more stylish, and more useful space for you.

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