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Cher tipped to perform at Mardi Gras 40th

Cher Mardi Gras 40th Possible Performance @2x

With the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras celebrating its 40th anniversary in March next year, we can expect the lineup of performing artists to be massive. And icons don’t get much bigger than Cher, who has been tipped to headline this year’s party.

While contracts have yet to be signed, sources close to the event have hinted that Cher, now 71, just might be performing at the world-renowned event.

Cher herself added to the rumour mill by posting on her Twitter account “Where am I going in March?” with several comments from fans pointing to a possible Mardi Gras connection.

Cher also recently announced she was “hoping” to tour Australia and New Zealand in early 2018.

Cher Tweets

Officials at Mardi Gras are insisting that while Cher is being courted as a main attraction to 2018’s anniversary event, alternative options for key performers are always planned for.

Indeed just today, the Sydney Mardi Gras Twitter account featured a Tweet: “The rumour mill’s in overdrive as we get closer to the incredible #MardiGras40 season! Every year there’s lots of speculation about who’s playing at our Party. Please remember: Until you hear it from us, it’s nothing but fake news. All will be revealed in the new year!”

Mardi Gras Tweet

Previous headliners at Mardi Gras have included George Michael, Tina Arena, Boy George on several occasions, and Cyndi Lauper, who appeared at the 30th anniversary.

This year’s Mardi Gras will take on in even more significance thanks to the recent legalisation of same-sex marriage – a major milestone in LGBTQI history.  Antonino Tati


Post Script:

Two days after this post was published, Cher Tweeted again, this time a little more specifically about where she would be in March. The latest Cher Tweet absolutely, positively confirms Mardi Gras appearance. We’ll at least bet on it…

Cher Tweet Latest @2x


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